Frankie Cosmos

Frankie Cosmos

Originally the solo project of prolific New York City-based songwriter Greta Kline, Frankie Cosmos has blossomed into a four-piece band including David Maine, Lauren Martin, and Luke Pyenson.
The first studio release as Frankie Cosmos, Zentropy (Double Double Whammy), garnered wide acclaim upon its release, including New York magazine’s #1 Pop Album of 2014 and a Pitchfork Best New Track for “Birthday Song.” Recorded as a two-piece with Aaron Maine on drums, Frankie Cosmos began performing live as a three-piece with Aaron’s brother David on bass, and later as a four-piece with Gabrielle Smith on keyboard. The next studio release, 2015’s Fit Me In EP (Bayonet), combined Kline’s honest, lyrically-driven songwriting with Maine’s affinity for synth-driven production, and earned the project another Best New Track for “Young.” Lauren and Luke joined the group in late 2015 on keyboard and drums, leaving Gabrielle and Aaron to pursue their personal projects—Eskimeaux and Porches—and cementing the band’s current lineup.

The group’s most recent release is the critically-lauded Next Thing (2016, Bayonet), which has been praised for memorable lyrics that are both clever and concise, deeply personal and widely relatable; beautiful three-part vocal harmonies that enhance catchy pop melodies; and increasingly sophisticated instrumental arrangements that reflect a rapidly maturing band continuing to grow. The album received a coveted Best New Music designation from Pitchfork as well as exceptional reviews from the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and others. The band’s live show, honed during extensive touring of North America, Europe, Oceania and Japan, has also received glowing feedback for its mix of energy, intimacy and levity.

In their off-time, the bandmates of Frankie Cosmos practice a variety of other jobs and hobbies including textile design, food journalism, massage therapy, cooking, mixed martial arts, reading, painting, and petting dogs.

Zach Burba made a lot of different songs with a lot of different people. At one time he lived in Tempe, Arizona but now he lives in Seattle, Washington and plays with a band of seagulls.

Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts is the solo brainchild music project of Taylor Vick, a mostly self-taught multi-instrumentalist hailing from San Francisco. Taylor’s music has a habit of commanding the attention of those who recognize honest beauty in its most subtle forms. She has a knack for writing simple songs threaded with harmonic complexities that remind you what good writing sounds like. Through elements such as layered harmonies of a most effortless nature, her recordings offer a sort of warmth and musical intuition that is both refreshingly rare and immediately rapturing. Homeroom Breakfast, the album she self-recorded in various living rooms and bedrooms in San Francisco and Brooklyn, was released by Mt. Home Arts in September, 2016, and has since caught the attention of music blogs such as Wake the Deaf and The Le Sigh. With a band comprised of a few close friends, Boy Scouts has begun to build a reputation of playing frequently in and around San Francisco, with an upcoming West Coast tour supporting Tim Woulfe (Philadelphia) in late January, 2017. With songs that tend to inspire sentiments somewhere along the lines of “Yeah… I’m gonna need to hear that again,” all we can say is you might want to catch their next show.

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