Out of this World: From Caves to Space

Out of this World: From Caves to Space

“Out of this World: From Caves to Space” will feature speakers discussing humanity’s past and future, as well as what it’s like to conduct research in the most extreme conditions.

Alia Gurtov, renowned “underground astronaut” archaeologist, will delve into the depths of our past as she discusses the Homo naledi fossils she discovered in the Rising Star Cave in South Africa. During her time in South Africa, Gurtov often worked in extreme conditions, more than 90 feet underground and in 98% humidity, squeezing herself and ancient, delicate fossils through the tightest of spaces.

Joining Gurtov will be Ariel Waldman, founder of SpaceHack.org and author of “What’s it Like in Space?”

Waldman sits on the council for NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts and is on a mission to make science and space exploration disruptively accessible to all. She founded her website with the aim of providing a directory of ways to participate in space exploration and hopes to enlighten others on clever ways that they can contribute to the furthering of science and space exploration.

Science Speakeasy: Fake or Fact?

How can you tell what’s fake and what’s fact when it comes to science? Join New York University biological anthropologist Dr. Todd Disotell and Science Friday’s Undiscovered podcast co-host and producer Elah Feder for an evening separating the fantastical from the factual.

Disotell will discuss how he uses DNA evidence to test hypotheses on everything from the intricacies of our evolution to the existence of “Bigfoot.” Feder will share a story about a science headline gone wrong and her quest to find the truth.

Science Speakeasy mixes science with storytelling and blends learning with conversation, drinks, food, hands-on experiments, and more.

The Leakey Foundation

Science Speakeasy is a program of The Leakey Foundation.

The Leakey Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco. The Leakey Foundation advances human origins research and offers educational opportunities to cultivate a deeper, collective understanding of what it means to be human. We provide venture capital for scientists through research grants and share their groundbreaking discoveries.

$10 Presale | $15 Doors

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6pm - Mix and mingle. Food from Sneaky's BBQ and drinks from Public Works' bar are available for purchase. Cash only. ATM available. 

7pm - Explore the depths of our past and the vast universe of our future with paleoanthropologist Alia Gurtov and Spacehack.org founder Ariel Waldman. (15 minute intermission between talks)


This event has limited seating which is available to visitors on a first-come, first-served basis. For best chance at seats arrive before 6:30pm. Doors do not open until 6:00pm.

21+ event, ID required for entry

If you have any difficulties purchasing tickets, please contact speakeasy@leakeyfoundation.org

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