NCF 4/20 Mini-Concert Series ft. Names & Dominic Fragman

Names Halloween Spectacular

When the dust settles after the highly visual and cinematic live performance, the beat driven, feedback infused rock music lives on. With NAMES at the helm, the massive guitar solos, harmonized vocal arrangements, and tribal instrumentation takes lines that are often blurred but seldom crossed, and twists them into an electronic and mind altering frenzy.

Josh Miller
Andrew Labens
Mitch Bennett
Steve Gaudio

Dominic Fragman

Dominic Fragman is truly a unique and exciting artist. He somehow plays guitar, drum set and sings, simultaneously; an innovative approach to the one man band concept, so dubbed the Solo Trio. He uses Rock as a foundation for intense, captivating songs interweaved by exhilarating improvisations drawing from African, Brazilian, Eastern and Jazz influences. His performances have been wowing audiences and are often lauded as mind-blowing, sensational experiences. After seeing Fragman perform, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Leon Russel commented, "It's amazing. Had I not seen it I wouldn't have been able to imagine it."

$4.20 - $5.00

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