Will Whitwham & Raven Shields w/Jenny Berkel

The Wilderness Of Manitoba

The Wilderness of Manitoba prefers to characterize itself as an evolving entity and founding member Will Whitwham is the last man standing.

For the band’s new album, Across The Dark, the vocalist/multi-instrumentalist stepped up to write and produce all the songs himself. “When a band isn’t changing, it’s not growing,” says Whitwham. From the band’s inception, it has redefined itself with every new release; from Hymns of Love and Spirits through When You Left The Fire, Island of Echoes, Between Colours and various EPs.

The evolution of their sound has run the gamut from four part harmonies and its initial chamber folk sound to duo lead vocals and an expanded sonic palette ranging from cinematic indie pop to anthemic folk rock. The current band includes vocalist/guitarist Raven Shields, bassist/vocalist Tavo Diez de Bonilla and drummer Mike Brushey.

In its eight year existence, the Wilderness of Manitoba’s strengths come as a direct result of the wealth of traveling the band has done; playing a multitude of festivals and touring in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, the USA and Canada. “The live show,” says Whitwham, “is an in-the-moment portrait of the band and its efforts.” Those efforts were recognized when the Wilderness of Manitoba was nominated for a JUNO, the Canadian equivalent to a Grammy or Brit Award. Summing things up, Whitwham says, “There is no lacking in the quantity of ideas in terms of our music and the band’s future.”

Since releasing her debut album,Here on a Wire, Canadian singer-songwriter Jenny Berkel has been captivating listeners with her evocative songs and voice.Born in the heart of Ontario's lush forests and fields, Berkel'smusic has drawn her from rural Ontario to Winnipeg to Montreal and now, finally, back home. This constant shifting finds its rest in her songs —sharp and introspective, they shimmer with memories and poetic observationsabout the stories she sees.Berkel's writing is at once gentle and hard-hitting. Her rich voice ornaments her poetry with melodies that soar high before spilling back down again. Berkel’s recent sophomore album,Pale Moon Kid,was recorded with producer Daniel Romano and released across Canada in April 2016 (Pheromone Recordings) and across Europe in October 2016 (Popup Records). Reviewers praised it for its poetry, emotive storytelling, and dream-like ability to mesmerize listeners.She has toured extensively across Canada and Europe, sharing the stage with artists like Jenn Grant, Daniel Romano, Rachel Sermanni, and the Deep Dark Woods.“A smouldering sound to behold...acutely poetic.” -Exclaim!"In the same vein as Leonard Cohen and Sandy Denny, she has created a collection of folk songs that are sometimes brittle, at other times pleasantly buzzing, but always sounding unmistakably like Jenny Berkel.”-Rolling Stone Germany

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