Will Whitwham & Raven Shields w/Jenny Berkel

The Wilderness Of Manitoba

The Wilderness of Manitoba – The Tin Shop EP - Bio
Since its inception The Wilderness Of Manitoba has continued to grow and evolve with every new release. Throughout it all founding member Will Whitwham has left his imprint on each and every sound the band has produced - from the chamber folk debut, Hymns of Love and Spirits, to the cinematic indie pop of Between Colours. Now the sole songwriter of the outfit, Whitwham has written and produced a collection of songs which represent yet another chapter in the ever evolving story of The Wilderness Of Manitoba. The Tin Shop EP strips back the layers of anthemic folk rock to reveal the
heart of Whitwham’s songwriting.

Four of the record’s tracks were recorded at a now closed Toronto studio called The Tin Shop, an intimate space just down the street from Whitwham’s house. The EP’s title
pays homage to a place and time which reflects the vibe of the tracks captured there. Whitwham was joined by vocalist/guitarist Raven Shields to record the half dozen songs that comprise The Tin Shop EP, one of which, “Nothing’s Ever Said”, was already
featured in the US television series No Tomorrow. Later this year, The Wilderness Of Manitoba will prepare to release their fifth studio album. The record will feature a full band and will be sure to further cement Will Whitwham’s status as one of Canada’s most diverse and compelling songwriters.

Track listing:
1. Nothing’s Ever Said
2. Brigden Hall
3. Across The Dark
4. The Silence Of Sound
5. Wild Wind
6. November (The Tin Shop Version)

Jenny Berkel

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