Upchurch The Redneck

Ryan Upchurch is a hilarious self described "redneck comedian" from Cheetham County TN In 2014, while hanging with some friends Ryan started creating videos as his character "Upchurch the Redneck". In less than a year he hit over a million fans on social media.

In some of his famous videos, Upchurch sang bits of his favorite country songs. Fans couldn't get enough and would beg for more. In July, 2014 Ryan put out his first single "Raise Hell and Eat Cornbread" which started the RHEC craze. Before long, Ryan had his own RHEC clothing line. Redneck Nation quickly sponsored the clothing line and in no time RHEC merchandise became popular.

It seems everything Ryan touches turns to gold. Recently, Ryan released his hick-hop rap album "Cheatham County." The album was in the top 25 before even hitting shelves. In 2016, Ryan will appear on his on comedy TV show.

YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/user/UpchurchtheRedneck

JD has been nothing short of an Outlaw in the music
industry, building his brand, his fans, and his music
from the ground up with one simple process, honesty.
The music, he lives it. The words, he writes it.
The songs, he sings it.

JD has shared the stage with national touring artists
from country to hard rock, all across America. no
fences. no box. no formula. just pure outlaw country
with southern rock and roll from the heart of dixie.

Them Dirty Roses

Southern rock is not dead. And they're called Them Dirty Roses. If you have never heard of these guys, allow us to make the first introduction. With all four being from the same small town in Alabama, it's evident that country music plays a huge part in the sound of this band, but the biggest influence in their music comes from being raised on classic rock and roll. The perfect combination and cross between the two genres is what makes their songs so unique and addictive. When a Them Dirty Roses song comes on the radio, you can recognize the distinctive voice of James Ford, along with the innovative musicianship of Andrew Davis, Ben Crain, and Frank Ford. Falling in love with their music is easy when you listen to songs like "Shake It," "What Your Daddy Doesn't Know," or "Cocaine and Whiskey." The only thing better than hearing a TDR record is hearing TDR live. They captivate you from the very first note played and keep you there with them until the very last with their constant flow of energy and passion. You become an instant fan when you see who they are on stage, but you become a fan for life when you see who they are off stage. They share their life stories in their music and sing about everything from growing up in the country, to drinking, partying, and relationships. But beyond the music, these four boys are true southern sweethearts who are living their dream playing some southern rock music.



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