Church Night

Church Night

Blessings and Light! Some Souls Church welcomes all sinners (even minorities) to get the pews sticky at Church Night the second Wednesday of every month at Wonderland Ballroom!

Rejoice in favorite hymns like “Tainted Love” and “Like a Prayer.” Receive the holy sacrament of shots-n-tots communion. Revive your community of friends by coming together at the same time.

Church Night features hole-some entertainment that appeals to the average drunk parishioner. Revered Dr. Stevedore Maybelline Bidet Esq. delivers the good news with a fervor he usually only reserves for cats, while Youth Minister, Kathy Piechota, keeps the congregation up to date with important church news. Listen to special music by a local solo musician. Watch Him reveal his intentions through the body of a burlesque extrordinaire. Laugh at a very funny children’s comedian; the kids love it! At the end of the service, dance the night away to a popular rock group!



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