Michael Franti & Spearhead- Love Out Loud Tour

Michael Franti & Spearhead

Michael Franti is a world-renowned musician, filmmaker, and humanitarian who is recognized as a pioneering force in the music industry. Franti believes in using music as a vehicle for positive change and is revered for his energetic live shows, political activism, worldwide philanthropy efforts and authentic connection to his global fanbase known as the SOULROCKER FAM.

Trevor Green

Spirited, deep, and thought provoking are just a few words to describe the artist known as Trevor
Green. His music is something fresh and distinctly new, yet is deeply woven in the spiritual
fabric of our ancient ancestors. Surrounded by 5 guitars, 3 didgeridoos, an array of percussion
instruments and decorated of symbolic ancestral nature, Green's stage appears to be a musical
playground not for the faint of heart.
"I follow the music where it leads me. Through this process I find the music always comes from
an honest place and that is most important in receiving the songs when they come through."
What deepens the music is Trevor's ability to connect with his audience. Threading together sing-
able and uplifting melodies, dynamic instrumentation, heart pounding rhythms combined with
the haunting sounds of the didgeridoo, and his spontaneous improvisational ability, Green's
performance is a one man powerhouse with universal appeal that seems to come from the ground
up. With his honest delivery and ability to extricate the music from a deep place of truth, he leads
his audience through vast landscapes of sound, weaving together a magnetic and spellbinding
Through Green's devotion to bring forward the messages of our ancestors and connect deeply
with culture, he recently launched a successful crowdfunding campaign that sent him, his wife,
two young children and the son of his adopted Navajo brother on a two month journey into the
heart of Australia to discover the roots of the aboriginal culture and the story behind the
didgeridoo (yidaki), which has been such a fundamental part of the soundscape of his music.
Performing 25 shows across the region and meeting with various wisdom keepers from the
indigenous aboriginal cultures, this would prove to be yet another life altering journey of
profound magnitude. In seeking a deeper understanding and connection to didgeridoo, he was
lead to a far deeper connection with the aboriginal community of Northeast Arnhem Land where
he and his family were adopted into the Galpu clan.
Given the name “North Wind” by elder
Djalu Gurruwiwi, Trevor brings the blessing back to North America where he offers his fifth
studio album 'Voice of the Wind.

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