Moist Ahoy, Fatal Film, Holy Golden, Horns of Ormus, Bassoon

Fatal Film

Fatal Film is one of New London, CT's great rock and roll acts. They've been playing some of the best shows of their storied run over the last year or so churning out sonic and mischief and wowing audiences with the results. During that time, they've toiled in the studio with local producer Jason Banta to build the definitive statement of the Fatal Film sound with their brand new 12 track eponymous CD.

Horns of Ormus

Horns of Ormus is an earth-based, three piece (sometimes four) big amplifier-driven rock band. As one of New London Connecticut's fastest up and coming bands, they succeed in combining loud guitar with vocals and drums. Their debut CD was released on April 20th 2013 when it was distributed for free during a performance at The Telegraph in New London CT- to positive reviews. The Horns of Ormus features 3 high school graduates with some college and technical experience who all agree that this band is awesome. ?The collaborative writing process the band is currently undertaking is creating a lot of buzz among people who know, work with, have seen, and gig with Horns of Ormus. The range of influences on HOO music is limitless but some of the more obvious would be Glam, Prog, Proto Punk, Punk, Hardcore, Noise, and maybe some Metal too. HOO has been accused of sounding like Wire, The Minutemen, Flipper, and Led Zeppelin and are great Live.



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