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The Toasters

The Toasters have been touring across the globe incessantly for the last 33 years. Jakarta, Bogota, Irkutsk, Istanbul, Shanghai - you name it, they've been there and done it. Since breaking out in 1981 on the rough and tumble East Side of NYC, the band's name has become synonymous with DIY touring and a fierce indie ethic. Here we are in 2013 and the calendar is already packed with two North American tours, South America, Europe, South East Asia, Russia and points east. In April the band will feature at the London International Ska Festival. The milestone of 5000 live shows is long out of sight in the rear view mirror.

To celebrate the new year the Toasters are releasing THE HOUSE OF SOUL vinyl 45rpm on their own Megalith records label. A series of singles will presage the LIFE IS A PARTY album. There will also be releases on London's Cherry Red Records of a special anniversary compilation as well as a re-edit of the classic 1987 POOL SHARK album. 2013 will also see a vinyl release of their breakthrough 1991 NEW YORK FEVER (produced by the great Joe Jackson) in collaboration with Jump Up Records out of Chicago.

The Toasters have been hailed as "ska pioneers" (Billboard magazine), the "sound of NYC" (New York Times) and as a core artist at CBGB. Widely acclaimed as being the progenitors of Third Wave Ska they are a true American 2-Tone band.

Corporate Fandango

Geometric shapes. The clouds. Microscopic organisms. Thoth of Atlantis. Different ways of making sandwiches. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. UFOs. Pizza. David Icke. Dungeons as well as dragons. We are these things and more, rolled neatly into a ball and then thrown directly at your unsuspecting face.

"For me the music fits the category of magical, but more precisely it is the kind of Ska music that makes you want to kick off your shoes, let down your hair, and loosen your tie. It is the kind of Rock music that results in a tangle of limbs, crowd surfing, and shirts coming off. It is upbeat and it is fast, and as soon as the show was over that night, I knew I had to see them perform again." - Hennen's Observer

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