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Part of Brooklyn's talented Boot Camp Clik, the powerful tandem of Smif-n-Wessun got their start on Black Moon's classic debut, Enta da Stage, in 1993. Rudeboy MCs Tek and Steele made their presence felt on the cuts "U da Man" and "Black Smif N' Wessun." In early 1994, the crew scored a massive underground hit with "Bucktown," a reference to their violence-plagued Bedford-Stuyvesant stomping grounds and "home of the original gun clappas."

Their debut LP, Dah Shinin', followed soon thereafter, unleashing more heavy artillery from the military-minded BCC. With a canvas of dark, gluttonous beats provided by the gifted Beatminerz production squad, the duo expanded the limits of harsh-sounding, neck-snapping hip-hop by adding a melodic element. The crew released their album during the heyday of one of the most influential independent hip-hop labels of the '90s, Nervous Wreck Records, which many other indies (Rawkus) have patterned themselves around. Their recording moniker alone, Smif-n-Wessun, implies violence, but the weaponry they deploy is also of the verbal variety. Tek and Steele both possess signature flows, the former a bit more straight-laced while the latter showcases West Indian influences. Dah Shinin' is a focused album with a sharp, compacted sound that still contains depth, albeit strictly from the dark side.

Forced to reincarnate themselves after a legal battle with the Smith and Wesson firearm company, the duo resurfaced in 1997 as Cocoa Brovaz, a reference to their heritage and also to their marijuana fixation. Their second album (and first as Cocoa Brovaz), 1998's The Rude Awakening, was a more sprawling and chaotic venture, as well as being a shade more frighteningly dark. Since 1998, the two partners have released a few singles, including "Super Brooklyn," which features a superbly innovative use of a sample from the old Super Mario Bros. Nintendo game.

Reef The Lost Cauze

Reef the Lost Cauze is the pen name for Philadelphia's own Sharif Lacey. Reef has been a firmly planted staple in the underground hip hop scene since the late 90's. Living up to the definition of a true emcee, Reef has won more battles than a five star general in the freestyle circuits of New York, Philly, and anywhere in between. His unrelenting work ethic has graced the public with 5 LPs and countless mixtapes since 2001. Reef's hunger for the mic hasn't diminished after all these years as he can still be heard belting out well sculpted bars in your favorite venues across Philadelphia.

Judah Priest

Judah Priest, An avid poet and lyricist. Began his career at the age of 7 years old, inspired by a cousin Priest begun show casing his talent in local talent show cases in Philadelphia.
Living most of his life in-between Philadelphia & New York City he was surrounded by the influence of sex, money, drugs, popularity, and the constant rush for fame. He began to put his hope in the wrong things such as selling drugs, and living a violent lifestyle. While on the road to becoming a product of his environment, he still wanted to be successful in the music industry. Attempting to do so, Priest became a member of Chamber Musik Records working with Joey "G Clef" Cavaseno & Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Buddha Monk of the Brooklyn Zu. Buddha Monk took Priest under his wing and made him a key family member of the Brooklyn Zu & the Zu bullies. Priest has recorded & with Wu-Tang Clan Artist such as Cappadonna, Holocaust, Solomon Childs, Hell Razah, Timbo King and More. Priest is actively working with Wu affiliate groups like the Brooklyn Zu, Staten All-Stars and his most recent addition to Ghetto Gov't lead by Sunz of Man member Hell Razah. In the summer of 2011 Priest released his first mix tape entitled "The Year of The Priest" with Dj Rob Low. In 2012 Priest released his debut album "Valley Of Kings" through his own Label Heavens Musik. Priest recently released a new mixtape entitled "The Legend of Sleepy Hallow" hosted by Dj kool Keith. Priest is currently signed to Protect Ya Neck records and is always working on new material in which he promises will be well received by his fans

I've never seen time as linear, but I also didn't always believe in destiny. Now I have one and I walk through everyday without a question. Not that life doesn't throw its stones in the road but there are constants in an equation that has far too many variables. My life changed when I made that equation easier. A passionate bud that I always had for music blossomed in the most awkward way. While doin laundry I randomly felt compelled to write a song. I had written poetry in the past but this was a song. For the first time I found melodies that I loved as much as words and together they formed a chorus that spoke to me. That moment changed everything and a spark lit in my mind that's now grown into a forest fire. I want that fire to spread as far as it possibly can, just to watch it glow. Its hard to explain...

I love music. I'll literally give my life for it. I figuratively already have. One day the world will hear the whole story. It's full of struggle, insanity, rage and unorthodox focus under constant distraction.


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