B. Dolan, DJ Abilities

B. Dolan's latest record is the self-produced "KILL THE WOLF", a sweeping, powerful opus five years in the making. The album reinforces Dolan's status as a complex lyricist and introduces him as a ambitious, versatile producer, dedicated as ever to concept and vision over fleeting hip-hop trends.

This sophomore studio effort on STRANGE FAMOUS RECORDS / SPEECH DEVELOPMENT features a supporting cast of talent from a wide range of musical backgrounds, including AESOP ROCK, BUCK 65, ALIAS, CECIL OTTER (Doomtee), KATHLEEN STUBELEK (Circle Takes the Square), DS3K, BUDDY PEACE, and the late DAVID LAMB (Brown Bird) among others.

It would be easy for an album to go astray amidst such varying styles and contributors, but Dolan stays in firm command as an expert conductor, driving the album's layered and visionary sound. "KILL THE WOLF" sets out with a goal of demolishing the boundaries of what was previously thought possible in a B. Dolan record; bringing the best techniques from his catalogue into a new era of production value by fusing live guitars, analog synths, violins and upright bass with formidable vocals and intricate lyrics.

Five years after shaking the foundations of underground rap with his "Fallen House, Sunken CIty" LP, B. Dolan emerges from the earth, battle-tested, clear-eyed, and sharper than ever.

It's time to Kill the Wolf.

DJ Abilities

Billy Freekin Dee. In the beginning… there were turntables on a hardwood floor. DJ'ing for the first six months was done on the ground with a case of beer. Eventually he got a table a mpc and better. With this betterness he was able to release 2 mixtapes, produce 4 full length albums, win 2 DMC's and play hundreds of shows. He is now combining all of these experiences together to create one performance that you can dance to or sit back and enjoy. or hate. Dj Abilities for 2011.

Dope Knife

Dope Knife is a rapper/producer/illustrator and a founding member of the Savannah, GA hip hop collective "Dope Sandwich". Since his debut LP (2000 Yard Stare) he has released a slew of albums and EP's. A former multiple time Freestyle battle champion, he also took the helm as one of the main beat makers on Dope Sandwich releases... also, I ... I mean he, directs music videos, draws comic books and storyboards movies. He won 2015 Connect Savannah Rapper of the year.

Butch Dawson

Seez Mics is widely regarded as one of his generation's most respected lyricists and poets.

Seez Mics' body of work ranges from traditional Hip Hop (Educated Consumers, First Name Basis) to progressive spoken word (Easier Dead Than Numb, Broken Clock : Skeleton Key, Cruel Fuel.) He has toured extensively as both a headliner and as an opener for Eyedea & Abilities and Sage Francis.

Check out SeezMics.com for his entire discography, show information, and bad jokes.



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