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Lucky Chops

Armed with the belief that positive music can change the world, Lucky Chops is on a mission to spread healing energy and compassionate intention through their music. The intensity of the band’s energy is fueled by their love for making music together, and their desire to inspire others. The hard work and dedication put in by each of the band’s members have been recognized by fans across the globe, earning Lucky Chops headlining spots at several international festivals and delivering consistent sell out shows in NYC.

Trombonist Josh Holcomb, sousaphonist Raphael Buyo, and saxophonist and bass clarinetist Daro Behroozi began playing together as teenagers at LaGuardia Arts High School in New York, where they were exposed to a wide range of musical sounds, playing opportunities, and encouragement from teachers. Driven by a love for making music with one another, they started playing together outside of jazz band, concert band, and orchestra rehearsals, learning classic brass band tunes that they performed in parks and parades around the city. The band followed their ears and hearts as they grew older, exploring and incorporating an expanding range of sounds and stylistic influences in their music and adding trumpeter Joshua Gawel and drummer Charles Sams IV along the way. Trombonist Josh says, "Growing up in New York, we were all exposed to so many different cultures and music and people, and that uniquely New York experience really defines our band. Our music is inclusive of such a diverse range of experiences, and we invite all people to share in the magic."

The band began performing in the subways of New York City in 2014 as part of the Music Under New York program where they started to develop into the dynamic performers that they are today. Josh says, "Playing in the subway gave us the chance to perform for thousands of people each day. We were down there trying to spread joy and positivity in a place that can be very dark and stressful, and as we observed people's reactions we really started to figure out what works and what doesn't, what makes people smile and gets them moving and brightens their day. Now, when we play on huge stages in front of screaming crowds, we're really taking what we learned in the subway and using it to connect on a deep level with tons of people all around the world."

Bolstered by a viral video taken by a tourist from Latin America, the Lucky Chops began to gain international notice in 2015. Since then, they have established a strong touring presence in Europe, selling out their first headlining tour in May of 2016. They spent the summer of 2016 touring in the US, playing at festivals, clubs and performing arts centers. They also took time to play for young music students, demonstrating their commitment to support music education and young people in the arts. They returned to Europe in November of 2016, introducing an expanding repertoire of original music to even larger audiences. Winter and Spring of 2017 will see the band return to Europe for another headlining tour along with the release of a new EP that represents their most adventurous and fully realized recording project to date, followed by plans to perform in Latin America and then a return to Europe for summer festivals.

Saxophonist and bass clarinetists Daro Behroozi says, "We hope that our music empowers our listeners to explore their creative potential, to make music and art and take actions that bring beauty and light into the world."

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