Dollar Signs, Mall Goth, Almost People, Normal Dennis

Dollar Signs

Too fast for folk shows! Too quiet for punk shows! Too serious for comedy gigs! Too funny for art gallery openings!
Started in 2009 Dollar Signs uses music as a vessel to poke fun at the music scene, the audience, and most of all, themselves. Incorporating bitter honesty with a tongue-in-cheek sarcasm Dollar Signs shouts their way through exploring topics of loneliness, alcoholism, dilapidated apartments, and of course, fast food. Really though, Dollar Signs just does this to sell t-shirts and pick up girls.

Mall Goth

Mall Goth is an episodic musical drama which follows an eponymous folk hero (Mall Goth) on his journey to attain self-realization and philisophical victory over his nemeses: his moralizing mother, the school principal, his stepdad, and other disturbing incarnations of the dangerous banality of middle america.

Almost People

Almost People is a melodic punk band based out of Durham North Carolina. The band was started by long time friends Jonny Clousson(formerly of Jay Heart Montreal) and Scotty Sandwich(Death to False Hope Records / The Sandwiches) in the summer of 2011. The band has established themselves locally by supporting legendary acts like The Queers and Cracker along with upcoming acts like Dead to Me, Cobra Skulls and Banner pilot. The band has self released 2 Ep's via their bandcamp page and are currently demoing their debut full length for Death to False Hope Records.

Normal Dennis

Normal Dennis is a pretty normal guy, making his way slowly into the hearts and minds and wallets of Charlotte NC. He is short in stature and moderately funny. If placed in front of a crowd of people, he will dance about, play percussion instruments and sing, in an attempt to make the aching pain of a life lived without any meaningful relationships subside. Some people find his display of diversionary tom-foolery to be enjoyable on a certain visceral level, while others watch impassively and decide that it's not their "thing." Which group will you fall into? Go to his shows and find out!

$8.00 - $10.00


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