Wild Skies Record Release Show!

Wild Skies Record Release Show!

While Wild Skies has carved out their own, unique sound at the intersection of folk, rock and Americana, the band members have come from all different musical backgrounds, each of them bringing a different perspective to the collaboration. That diversity, at its core, is what has helped Wild Skies forge their own path and distinctive sound.
The Chicago based foursome came together through a series of Craigslist ads posted by Ohio transplant and singer/songwriter Aaron Lechlak while searching for band members to help with studio work in early 2014. Teaming up with opera trained singer Kristine Sorum-Williams, jazz bassist Tommy Good, and folk drummer Andy Kearns, what began as a solo project evolved into a three-part harmonic melting pot of folk-rock.

The Youngest

In early 2014, Andrew, John, Katie, and Brendan uprooted from around the country in the pursuit of making great music. After settling in La Grange, Texas, The Youngest band was born. The group's music reaches a middle-ground somewhere in the center of Folk, Rock, Americana, Country, and Blues. Blending various educations and influences, The Youngest has a sound that is both classic and refreshing. Their elements of well-crafted vocal harmonies, ruminative songwriting, and instrumental virtuosity are all due for an impressive debut on their album set to release this fall.



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