Improv Showcase Feat. The Riveters, Kitten Spit & Tiny Punches

Improv Showcase Feat. The Riveters, Kitten Spit & Tiny Punches


The Riveters is an all-female long form improv troupe from the Tucson Improv Movement (aka TIM). From a brief opening these hilarious ladies will create a montage of fun, fast, and smart comedic scenes right on the spot. Founded in early 2015 they headline and manage The Best Show Period, a popular all female comedy showcase at the TIM Comedy Theater on historic 4th Avenue. The Riveters is comprised of Esther Brilliant, Clare Shelley, Jessica Peck, Catherine Bartlett, Jessica Hill, Brooke Hartnett, Jessica Gregg, and Shanna Leonard.


Tiny Punches, based in Flagstaff, AZ, has been performing their own brand of longform improv comedy since 2014. While many different individual training backgrounds were brought to the table during their first rehearsal together, Tiny Punches was intentional about discovering a style that showcased all team members strengths. Always laugh-ripping and never stale, the team's style has evolved over the past two and a half years to become something greater than they could have imagined. Blending grounded, protagonist based, story-arc driven story telling and game focused, fast paced physicality and character work, Tiny Punches offers something fresh, new, and engaging.


Clare and Brooke have been performing as the duo team Kitten Spit since November 2015, but they've been doing improv separately and together much longer. Although previously their style has been described as an "onslaught of dialogue," Kitten Spit focuses on finding the funny and the weird in a monoscene format. Kitten Spit's home theater is Tucson Improv Movement in Arizona. In December 2015, they were able to perform at Cake Batter's 2nd Annual Funny Women's Festival in LA, and they had a blast! They followed that up by performing (and reuniting) at the Tucson Comedy Arts Festival this past November. They hope to continue performing at festivals across the country, because it's fun!

$5.00 - $75.00


Bird City Comedy Festival proudly presents some of the best improv and sketch around. Hosted by comedian Michael Palladino, this dynamic show features performances from The Riveters, Kitten Spit and Tiny Punches. 

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