The Strumbellas

The Strumbellas

When a crowd is feverishly singing along with the last chorus upon first listen, you
know it's a song that connects. This is what happens when The Strumbellas play
'Spirits' live for the first time, the first single from their new album, Hope (released
April 22nd). That experience embodies the essence of what has been attracting fans
from across North America to this six-piece Lindsay, Ontario-bred band.
The Strumbellas got their start in 2009 with their eponymous EP release, which was
peppered with accolades from Toronto weeklies and prompted a proclamation from
the CBC that they are a "band to watch." Since then, the group has been on the road
earning their stripes through sold-out residencies at different clubs in Toronto, as
well as several cross-country tours and summer festivals.
In 2012 the band released their debut album My Father And The Hunter, an album
full of haunting lyrics fused with infectious and danceable melodies that won them
both fans and critical recognition across multiple genres of music. Earning them a
coveted JUNO nomination, the album offered a beautiful, harmonious dichotomy
between melancholy heartbreak and blow-the-barn-doors-off spunk, a sound that
would become synonymous with their music.
A year later, The Strumbellas followed-up with their sophomore album We Still Move
On Dance Floors, which earned them six awards, including their first JUNO award. In
May 2014 they laid claim to the SiriusXM Indies award for Folk Group Of The Year
and in June they earned the title, Polaris Music Prize nominee, when the album
nabbed a spot on the prestigious prize's coveted Long List. Later that year they won
the Ottawa Folk Festival's Supernova Rising Star Award and nabbed the Canadian
Folk Music Award for Contemporary Album Of The Year. They capped off the year by
winning CBC Music's Rising Star award in December.
2014 was a year of touring. There was no fixed address for the six-piece as they
crisscrossed North America from New York to Austin to Vancouver Island, up to the
Northwest Territories, across the prairies and beyond!
In early 2015, The Strumbellas, off the road and ready to go into the studio again,
set up shop at downtown Toronto's Lincoln County Social Club to record the new
album with LA Producer/Engineer Dave Schiffman (Johnny Cash, Haim,
Weezer). During three recording sessions in the first half of 2015, Schiffman and
the band harnessed a vivid alternative rock sound that was itchin' to get out of
them. Bigger. Bolder. Beckoning.
It's a two cents democracy when it comes to The Strumbellas. Case in point - there's
always one line in a Strumbellas' song that causes an internal crisis. It's the way in
which these six winds blow in from different directions that make the discussion
most interesting. It doesn't really matter what the line of the song actually is. Simon
will bring forth to the band his Simonisms as the band has come to call them. The
line makes sense to him because it sounds pleasing to his ear. That's what he'll use
to plead his case, "it sounds good". David generally puts on his English Masters
Degree hat and takes Simon to task on whether or not the line will make sense to
anyone other than Simon. Usually he stands on principle when making his
argument. Isabel will ruminate and use another artist's work as a reference to
decide if she will stand on Simon's side of the line, or David's. Jeremy will usually
suggest everyone take a break and talk about something else. Jon will put his finger
in the air in an attempt to try to figure out which way the wind is actually blowing.
And Darryl, he'll consult with everybody individually and come back to the band with
a detailed pie chart of some sort that comes up with the best scenarios.
No one is ever really sure which wind is going to prevail but they each end their
argument with 'that's just my two cents' and whether everyone agrees or learns to
live with the disagreement, at the end of the day they ride on together.

The Strumbellas:
Simon Ward – vocals, acoustic guitar
David Ritter – piano, percussion, vocals
Jeremy Drury – drums, percussion
Isabel Ritchie – violin, vocals
Jon Hembrey – electric guitar
Darryl James – bass

From the rural solitude of the quiet town of Strafford, VT (Population: 1000), Noah Kahan discovered his penchant for songwriting early on. Long, cold winters in the Vermont backcountry were spent honing his craft in the rolling hills of his family’s 133 acre tree farm. This serene location provided the backdrop for countless adventures that ranged from typical boyhood antics to the more rebellious teenage exploration. The older that Noah got, the more he began to feel the pull of adulthood clash with the familiarity of his adolescence. Drawing heavily from these experiences, Noah’s songs are laced with a youthful wisdom; nostalgia and whimsy taking a back seat to honesty and wit. He meets this conflict head on by acknowledging the loneliness of this new phase of his life coupled with his desire to stay true to himself. Noah’s writing reflects the all too universal feeling of being lost in one’s own backyard and foreshadows the excitement that comes with a leap into the unknown.

Now 20 years old, Noah once again finds himself deviating from the norm. As he follows a dream as old as he can remember, his childhood friends are choosing majors and preparing for more conventional careers. No stranger to feeling lost or isolated, he now chooses to embrace the uncertainty as fuel. The lyrics to his debut single ‘Young Blood’ read as a letter of encouragement and advice to himself as he embarks on this new adventure. He reminds himself to “be surprised, keep hungry.” Throughout unexpected challenges and new revelations, Noah is staying true to his nature; questioning everything and enjoying the ride.

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