Glue is a four piece band from Austin, Texas who formed in 2012. Glue features members of Iron Youth, Blotter, Breakout, Bitter End, Concrete, and Recide. These four dudes play a knuckledragging, off kilter, unhinged, weirdo style of hardcore and punk.

Blank Spell

Equal parts spastic and ghostly, BLANK SPELL exists somewhere between what people like to call dark punk, post punk and everyone’s favorite misnomer, death rock. This is, plain and simple, punk music. Accentuated by concise guitar movements, I can’t help but stand in awe of the musicianship of the guitar player/singer Cassidy. This is not to downplay the pinpoint drumming, which refuses to sit still even for a moment, and the ever-driving bass that stands, perhaps, most prominently as the backbone of the entire record. Upon each listen, I am drawn ever further into what is already one of my favorite records of the year by what is easily one of Philadelphia’s finest bands (no easy feat in a city of 100 truly great bands).

Totally killer mid-tempo Philly punk ala Zouo/Crucifix/Cro-Mags. Feat. humans of Latex, Chondria, Blank Spell & Deathrats.


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