Brooklyn girl (soon to be RN) with a different kind of reggae, mixing it with French style and Tex-Mex accordion, some soul and samba. Her years in Senegal and France sparked her love for world fusion music, as well as being a mommy to little Ayo.

Greg Serebuoh

Greg Serebuoh has recently returned to New York from Argentina, where he worked and performed as an actor, director, and musician for three and a half years. During his time as a student at Yale University, Greg both sang in and directed the singing group, Shades, with which he toured internationally, sang for the enthronement of South African King Leruo Molotlegi, and produced its acclaimed album Sankofa. Greg's first love was music. He grew up within the rich African-American musical tradition, listening to and studying great artists like Donny Hathaway, Aretha Franklin, and Rachelle Ferrell. Over time, his musical palette grew to include other musical genres, from Western Classical Music to Ghanaian Highlife, from Salsa to Fado. His work in Argentina further enriched his artistry as he was exposed to experimental and folk art, numerous Latin American musical traditions, and social movements that left him with a passion for creating positive change. Now focusing on Soul/R&B, Greg continues to explore the possibilities of bringing various genres together, particularly the music of the African diaspora. Though known for his phenomenal voice, Greg is also recognized for his intricate arrangements, layering complex rhythms with four- to five-part harmony and drawing audiences into a musical experience like no other.


HOOP™ Not Necessarily the Blues is what I choose to call the music I write and perform and I’ve been in the music scene for quite awhile offering something that has been missing, a void created from the restless abandonment of folk/rock artists from my generation. I create excitement with audiences through the use of “Radical” words and music about restless innocence, mischief, humor and love, laying the essentials for taking care of the next generation. “Hoop,” who many say sounds a bit like Lou Reed and Willie Nelson plays harmonica like the legendary Charley Musselwhite, and is an untraditional music artist that leans toward r&b and folk/rock, interlaced with country flavored vocals. The band ‘Not Necessarily the Blues’ stark open-mindedness and fearless genre shifts is an experience of renegade beats, sounds and stage performance changing between a solo act, to many artists bringing new dimensions to each song. A use of improvisational beats and a blending of musical styles give Hoop and the band its defining character. It starts with a beat… and the beat is everything.”



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