Imminent Sonic Destruction

Detroit-based prog/metal band Imminent Sonic Destruction, was formed in 2008 during an unexpected lunar eclipse, which wiped out vast swaths of humanity and ushered in the so-called New Age of Progressive Super Metal. Maybe you remember. It was a Tuesday.

Even though some of that is made up, the band was initially formed around the strong songwriting of guitarist/vocalist Tony Piccoli, and consists of Pat DeLeon (drums), Pete Hopersberger (keyboards/vocals), Bryan Paxton (bass) and Scott Thompson (guitar/vocals). Imminent Sonic Destruction’s sound is a satisfying blend of styles, at times melodic, complex, epic and crushingly heavy, drawing on the members’ various influences, which cover the full spectrum of prog, rock, and metal.


Edensong is a progressive rock quintet from New York City. The band's self-released 2008 debut "the Fruit Fallen" was hailed as a "masterpiece" by critics, and helped to pave the way for live shows and notable festival appearances throughout North America, including Progday in North Carolina, Three Rivers Progressive Rock Festival in Pittsburgh, PA, and Festival Terra Incognita in Quebec City, where Edensong shared the stage with acts ranging from Ozric Tentancles to Kings X to Discipline. While the current lineup of the band wasn't crystallized until 2009, Edensong's roots reach back 20 years to Echoes of Eden, a progressive metal band comprised of three of Edensong's core members.

Half Past Four

Please, sit at the kitchen table and here, help yourself to a piece of freshly baked bread while I tell you the story of how this band came to be....

The story of Half Past Four's current line-up starts with the guitar player, Constantin , and bassist, Dmitry, who formed a band in 1999, playing rock and folk music to mainly russian crowds. Igor, the keyboard player then joined and so did Kyree shortly after in 2005, completing the metamorphosis into a progressive rock quartet with english lyrics, original sound.... and a disappearing drummer problem a la Spinal Tap.

The first album was born in 2008. They named it Rabbit in the Vestibule after many collectively strange brainstorms and they promoted it relentlessly, playing many gigs and festivals and sharing many slightly awkward hotel rooms. When they finally joined forces with amazing PR dynamo Yana Tsipkin, their schedules filled up with interviews and their press kits saw many impressive and complimentary reviews around the world. They played to an enthusiastic crowd at Prog Day in North Carolina that September to a crowd that could sing along with their lyrics. Life was good and the cotton was high.

Then their drummer left. Once again lost without a kit-master, but armed with many new songs and the intense flame of hope eternal, they set out to renew their vows with the next percussive contender. They were introduced to Marcello in early 2012 by a good friend and comrade in music, Maurizio Guarini. Marcello was a magically perfect fit. Indeed their instantaneous connection was so smooth and organic, they began writing more songs and planning the next recording immediately. The kitchen was built. The chefs, trained and ready, the ingredients, wholesome and fresh. Their new album is due on April 13th 2013 and they couldn't be more ready to deliver it to you, fresh from the oven.

This original music was made for the most loyal of progressive music fans but also for the newly initiated listeners hoping to find a new kind of music to fall in love with. We hope you love it right away or we hope it grows on you. Either way, we hope we created a good thing. Seconds?

Devouring Saturn is a technical progressive metal band based out of Toronto. Having only been in the music scene a short time, they have already received airplay on radio stations in the United States for their first single “Belly Of The Beast”. Constantly evolving and experimenting, their sound is very unique and engaging. The bands sonic palate ranges anywhere from pummeling progressive death metal all to way to soothing and dreamy ambient cleans.

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