4th Anniversary Noree Performing Arts Ga∙Mu 2017: Dance & Music

Noree Performing Arts

Founded in New York City in 2014, Noree Performing Arts (NPA) is led by a group of Korean artists with diverse music and dance trainings, including traditional Korean dance, ballet, modern, and contemporary dance. Noree is a Korean word translated variously as play, games, amusement, entertainment and recreation. Noree is a basic part of human nature, a universal language that every culture shares and appreciates. We seek to share the concept of Noree through our dance and music performance.
Noree Performing Arts creates a communication between the individual and the society. It brings innovative and vibrant dance works comprising a mix of cultures, methods, and visions to the stage.
NPA works are interdisciplinary in nature, combining theater, music, and dance as well as a mix of Western and Korean dance styles.
Noree Performing Arts is committed to social outreach, presenting and sharing Korean traditional arts with it school out reach programs. NPA strives to explore imaginative, fantastic, and realistic aspects of social awareness, targeting a diverse New York audience, culminating in exuberant performances for the global community.
Transcending cultural and ethnic boundaries through NPA’s unique works, its mission is to establish a cultural, artistic, and educational exchange between the communities of the United States and Korea.

$13.00 - $20.00


We invite you to Noree’s annual festival, Ga-Mu (dance and music), sparked with Korean cultural elements and contemporary dance and music. You will experience performances of cultural dance, Laban inspired movements, and American contemporary music.

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