Krallice Record Release Show! With Ancient Wound, Sea of Bones


Known as one of the most respected virtuosic guitar wizards today, Mick Barr has displayed his polarizing guitar histrionics in such bizarre outfits as OCRILIM and ORTHRELM, pretty much bending and stretching the rules of modern - day guitar playing and giving a new meaning to progressive guitar playing. Colin Marston also has quite the pedigree backing his repertoire. With the likes of such bands as BEHOLD… THE ARCTOPUS, DYSRHYTHMIA, BYLA etc. Marston has proven to be one of the most prolific and recognized musicians in technical/extreme progressive metal (especially since he is known to brand that menacing 12-string Warr Guitar).

Ancient Wound

Ancient Wound formed in 2004 to create a thrash assault of old school metal fit to accompany a satanic blood march and a fall through an endless vortex. A self-titled demo was released in early 2005 which included rough recordings of three songs, and in Autumn of 2005 a full length was recorded with Colin Marston of Pain Cave Studios. This album has been self-released on CD and is slated for a tape release by Aural Offerings records of France. AW has also recorded a second full-length with Marston at his Menegroth: Thousand Caves studios; The Winterholder will be released sometime in late 2009.



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Krallice Record Release Show! With Ancient Wound, Sea of Bones

Saturday, August 25 · 9:00 PM at Saint Vitus