Wales-born garage/disco icon Laurice has a long history in the music industry, his most notable success being the 1973 pre-punk hits “When Christine Comes Around” and “I’m Gonna Smash Your Face In” recorded under the band name Grudge. Influenced by the work of Lou Reed, Laurice relocated to North America in the 1970s where he pioneered the genre of gay-centric macho rock, showcasing unashamedly sexualized lyrics for the enjoyment of the leather subculture and beyond. Singles like “Rock Hard”, “He’s My Guy”, and “Born to Serve” remain catchy and near unparalleled staples of gay-oriented rock (his 1976 single “We Will Make Love” was actually deemed “too gay” for American radio station though it did end up topping the import and global charts). And his reverb-heavy disco odyssey "The Disco Spaceship" continues to influence new generations of DJs to this day. Laurice has never taken a break from recording and continues to release new singles and music videos to this very day. Now, at the age of 73, we are proud to present Laurice’s first-ever live performance in Philadelphia.


Pure Philly pop.

The Pink Angels

The Pink Angels are a trio of long time veterans of the Philly music scene. When they manage to keep it together, they play loud, fast, sloppy original rock and roll with vintage punk and metal flavors. The band took their name from a 1970's movie about an unconventional biker gang. Their guitarist has never seen the movie but likes the name because he looks great in pastels. The Pink Angels strive to make each one of their shows notably different from previous ones, although their singer has been telling the same joke onstage since their first public performance. The Pink Angels also have a drummer



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