Beyond Vaudeville Retrospective & Reunion

Beyond Vaudeville Retrospective & Reunion

Beyond Vaudeville was a masterpiece of televised variety shows, an expertly curated showcase of amateur talents and nostalgia-inducing celebrities housed within the confines of a crowded, Manhattan-based public access television station. For ten years, from 1986 to 1996, awkward host Frank Hope and his violence-prone sidekick David Greene created some of the most memorably strange and uncomfortably compelling television that has ever been broadcast. Frank was a fidgety collector-type who enjoyed Wacky Packages and Star Trek; David a silent behemoth who only spoke out of anger. Celebrity guests, including the likes of Tiny Tim, Fred Willard, and Bobby "Boris" Pickett ("Monster Mash"), shared the stage with amateur singers, dancers, and Klingons, their surprised and befuddled reactions to the talent often mirroring those of the viewers. Adding to the strangeness of it all was the undisclosed fact that Frank Hope was himself a character, brilliantly honed since college by the mind of obscure pop culture connoisseur Rich Brown (the legitimacy of David's character remains a mystery). In 1997, MTV brought the show to cable under the title Oddville, MTV, a fundamentally similar program that featured celebrity guests and bands that were meant to appeal to the youth of today rather than yesterday.

Rich Brown and David Greene will be joining us for a video-filled retrospective chat of the program's history followed by a very special live taping of a new episode! The Beyond Vaudeville set will be reconstructed, Rich will return to the character of Frank Hope, and the very same guests from the first-ever BV episode will be in attendance: 1970s child star Mason Reese and New Jersey parade staple Suzanne "Underdog" Muldowney! It's going to be as wild as it sounds.

Doors 7:00, Program 7:30
$12 admission, no refunds or exchanges

Cinedelphia Film Festival 5
April 13-29, 2017



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