Black Ritual, gruzer, Bone Shelter, Dragged by the Neck

Black Ritual


In the spirit of the New Orleans music scene (and Seattle to an extent) being in and from multiple bands is just the way of life in Columbia, SC. Although this is pretty much unknown outside of SC, things have been that way for some time and if you wanted to hear it, you created it. That being said, GRÜZER was formed in December of 2013 by six fellas very familiar in the heavy scene around Columbia and the Carolinas. Hailing from such local/regional bands as Deathvalley Driver, Diavolo, Carolyn, Shaokahn and Mean Wiener/Evil Empire just to name a few, these guys are no strangers to the game. After talking about starting this project for many years, schedules finally freed up to allow the time to make it a reality.

GRÜZER intends on drawing from our collective experience and making the best music that the six of us can possibly make. We play what we want, when we want, and have zero concern with fitting into a certain label, genre or sub-genre. Just know that when you see or hear GRÜZER, you will be getting one of the best, heaviest bands in the Southeast!

Dragged by the Neck

Metalcore from Bessemer City, NC

$5.00 - $7.00


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