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Cultura Profética

The best reggae band in the world. In the future, we will reminisce of Cultura just like we do of Bob Marley today. This year marks Cultura Profetica's 20th year anniversary. On the night of May 24th we will have the chance to celebrate this very special ocassion with Cultura, in the best city in the world, New York City.

After the national and international recognition attained by their albums Donde Jugaran Las Ninas? and Apocalypshit, the most controversial rock band returns to the scene with a new production titled: Dance And Dense Denso.
Molotov return by their wits to accomplish a sound that is compact and with a message full of sarcastic humor and chaos that have been their trademark since the very beginning, such is the case of "Changuich A La Chichona" or "Punketon", to site a few.
Additionally, the band keeps on poking at the wounds of various social problems as expressed in "Frijolero", the first single off their new production, as well as in "ECharles White". On the other hand, the difficulty of a father/son relationship is expressed in Randy's composition, "I'm The One", as well as the critique of the corrupt and theiving attitude of our government demonstrated in "Que Se Caiga El Teatro". Once more, Molotov makes no concessions.
In Dance And Dense Denso, the group demonstrates itself as more solid. The collaboration between the four band members was total and although the authorship of the songs could be based on individual incentive, all of them contributed to the construction of that mural of sound, which bounces off the speakers from song to song.
Dance And Dense Denso was recorded during the months of June through September of 2002 at Larabee Studios in Los Angeles, converting it into the album to which the musicians of Molotov contributed the most effort and time. The general producer was Gustavo Santaolalla, the associate producer was Anibal Kerpel and the members of Molotov also became involved.
Dance And Dense Denso was mixed by the engineer Robert Carranza at Soundcastle, in Riverside, California. This person had previously collaborated with the band and with Mario Caldato in the production of Apocalypshit. These elements managed to accomplish a better sound and execution on behalf of Molotov.
In this album Molotov is once again a tight foursome. The four of them execute everything that is heard, from guitars, keyboard, programming, etc., channeling all of the group's strength when on stage.
The artwork on the album was designed by Edoardo Chavarin, a Tijuana native living in that bordering city and who has also worked on the albums of Arbol, Dracma, La Vela Puerca, Erica Garcia and recently Kronos Quartet.
Dance And Dense Denso not only retakes the cussing, but also the ironic message found in their debut album. It contains a sour social criticism, mixed with simple diversion. This material allows the existence of a much stronger dynamic scene during their presentations.
The wait is over, Molotov turn in their third production, Dance And Dense Denso, becoming more proof of the band member's talent. It represents one step more in the evolution of an irreverent group attitude that maintains fidelity to it's initial proposal: strong music, direct lyrics and the best sense of humor for living during these times

Julieta Venegas

Hailing from Tijuana, Mexico, the internationally praised pop star got her start in the ska-punk border band Tijuana NO! when she was in high school. She has since gone on to author some of the most prolific albums in Latin pop today. Her first solo album 'Aquí' was released in 1997 and catapulted her onto the international stage-- she has since collaborated with greats such as Gustavo Santaolalla, Aterciopelados, Cafe Tacvba, and even Nick Cave; she has won both at the Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards , released a prestigious MTV Unplugged Album, and played on some of the world's most prestigious stages. In 2015 she released a new album 'Algo Sucede.' Billboard has coined Venegas as forging 'a path between Latin Alternative and pop music.' To boil it down, Julieta Venegas is nothing short of a legend in music, and celebrating with her in October will blow your mind.

Bomba Estereo

Bomba Estéreo came together as a project organized by Simon Mejia in 2005, forming within the rich underground electronic scene that has become Bogota, Colombia. Recruiting fierce singer Liliana Saumet to join the group, Bomba Estéreo expanded its sound and captivating live show. The group plays an explosive dance-fusion of electronic dub and hip-hop, in a similar vein as M.I.A. and Santigold, mixed with Colombian rhythms like cumbia and champeta.

Bomba made their U.S. debut at SXSW 2009, an experience that helped establish the group and their latest release, "Blow Up." In the last several months, the group has toured everywhere from New York and Brazil out to London and Dublin. In the summer of 2009, they rocked the European festival circuit, with ecstatic crowds like the 10,000 at Denmark's prestigious Roskilde Festival.

"These recent experiences have been amazing," Saumet says. "They've literally changed my life. Performing in front of 15,000 people, many who don't understand what you're singing yet they dance for the love of the music. It's inspiring. It made me realize that our band needs to keep growing and building. Every day we need to get better and better while still keeping our musical essence."

MTV Tr3s launched Bomba Estereo as their "Discover and Download" featured artist for the entire month of August 2009, adding the "Fuego" video into heavy rotation. This exciting news followed the group's 7 electrifying shows in 5 days across New York City in July, which culminated with a set at Central Park SummerStage with Puerto Rican hip hop icons Calle 13. New album 'Blow Up' was also added to rotation at influential radio stations like KCRW (Los Angeles), KUT (Austin) and KEXP (Seattle).

The song "Fuego" was also recently spotlighted as iTunes' "Song of the Week." and will also be featured during the fall 2009 as part of a McDonalds advertising campaign. Saumet describes the inspiration behind the fiery track: "We wanted to make a colorful song. It is all about the sun and getting sucked into the world. It's about being in another state-of-mind."

The influence of Afro Colombian rhythms and the coastal sounds is especially important to Bomba Estereo's music. Saumet grew up on the Colombian coast in a city called Santa Marta. "It's a small city with a beautiful and mystical force," she explains. "The indigenous people call it the 'heart of the world.' Ever since I was young, I had the opportunity to listen to such a wide variety of music, from local folk music to sounds arriving from Africa and the United States. I think that mix is reflected in our own music."

Gepe (DJ set)

Chilean singer-songwriter. Born 1981 in Santiago, Chile.


Titán or "TITAN" is a Mexican electronic band formed in 1992 from the industrial band Melamina Ponderosa, where Emilio Acevedo and Julián Lede first met each other, later Jay de la Cueva (Molotov, Microchips, Fobia, Moderatto) joined the band. They have released four albums, the most recent, Dama in 2016.

Mon Laferte

Monserrat Bustamante Laferte, mejor conocida como Mon Laferte. Nació en Viña del Mar, Chile. A muy temprana edad comenzo a desarrollar su gusto por la musica y el canto, y a los 13 años entró a estudiar musica al conservatorio de Viña del Mar, poco tiempo después comenzó a tocar en bares de Valparaiso, consiguió ser reconocida a nivel nacional gracias a un programa en Chile en dónde participo durante algún tiempo considerable.

Para el 2012, decidió comenzar una carrera musical totalmente distinta a la que había formado en Chile y decidió quedarse a vivir en la Ciudad de México, que tomó como su segundo hogar eligiendolo así para crear su propio proyecto musical con canciones de su autoría, las cuales han sido todo un éxito en nuestro país.

Su música melancolica, su particular voz desgarradora y sus presentaciones cargadas de energía y potencia, la han colocado actualmente como una de las artistas más virales en las plataformas digitales, así como también ha logrado conseguir un gran numero de seguidores, de este modo se ha ganado el respeto y elogio de personas marcadas del gremio musical nacional.

Una muestra de la gran cantidad de seguidores obtenidos, fue su presentación en el Festival "Vive Latino 2015" en dónde reunió a cientos de fans mexicanos y extranjeros quienes se encargaron de llenar la Carpa Intolerante, logrando hacer de este show todo un éxito.

Mon Laferte tiene la habilidad de reunir los más bonitos boleros, juntar ritmos de reggae, matices llenos de folk, así como también con un toque de rock sin despegarse de sus raíces latinoamericanas.
Cuenta con 3 albums de su autoría: Desechable, Tornasol y Vol. 1.

De 2012 a la fecha ha participado no solamente en Vive Latino sino también en festivales como SXSW, Coordenada, Iztafest, Festival Central, entre otros. Así como también ha toureado por toda la Republica Méxicana desde 2014, cabe mencionar que tuvo varios SOLD OUT's en sus presentaciones realizadas durante 2015, su presentación del disco Vol.1 en el Lunario del Auditorio Nacional fue un total éxito agotando las entradas en menos de un mes antes de su presentación, este año se presentará en el mes de Septiembre en el Auditorio Nacional de la CDMX.

Actualmente trabaja en la producción de su siguiente album "Mon Laferte. Vol. 2." como de igual manera se encuentra de gira por todo el país dentro del #MonLaFrutaTour en el que comparte escenario con Caloncho.

Los Amigos Invisibles

Since their first album in 1995, Los Amigos Invisibles have developed a sound based on the "gozadera" – an irresistible fusion of Latin rhythms with fiery funk and lounge music. The band got their first break when David Byrne (Talking Heads) discovered one of their albums by chance in a Manhattan record shop. He immediately called the band up in their native Venezuela and soon after, signed them to his label: Luaka Bop. Byrne opened doors for the band across the globe and Los Amigos Invisibles soon became an international touring machine.

Los Amigos Invisibles moved to New York City from their hometown of Caracas in 2001 and entrenched themselves in the local scene. With their electrifying live show, the group began building a considerable fan-base across the U.S. collaborating with artists such as Louie Vega (Masters At Work), Dimitri From Paris, Natalia Lafourcade, Cachorro López and Jorge Gonzalez, among others. Los Amigos Invisibles were able to establish themselves in the international dance music scene and expand their sound, while raking in Grammy nominations year after year and performing all over the globe as well as on television shows like The Jimmy Kimmel Show.

In the last few years, they have established their own record label – Gozadera Records – and have tightened their hooks and focused their songs, recording their most accessible work yet.

Los Amigos Invisibles have toured in over 60 countries. Their latest release, 'Commercial,' was awarded a Latin GRAMMY for "Best Alternative Album"; the band's fifth-career GRAMMY Nomination.

Following their Grammy win, 2010 saw festival appearances and shows throughout the United States, Latin America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
In 2011, the band released Not So Commercial, an EP of outtakes from the Commercial album. This album was a nominee for the Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop, Rock or Urban Album in 2012.
In April 2013, Repeat After Me was released. This album received a Grammy nomination in the category of "Best Latin Alternative Album" and a Latin Grammy in the category of "Best Alternative Album", "Song of the year" and "Best Cover".
In 2014, the band is releasing a greatest hits compilation recorded live in Mexico City with acoustic versions of some of their most famous songs with featurings from some of the patins scene´s finest.

Los Amigos Invisibles are:

Mauricio Arcas: Percussion

Julio Briceño: Vocals

Juan Manuel Roura: Drums

José Rafael Torres: Bass

For more information:

El Guincho

El Guincho is Pablo Díaz-Reixa. He was born November 17th of 1983 in the always sunny Canary Islands (Spain), and in 2008 he released Alegranza -- a mix of afro-beat percussion, calypso harmonies, psych tropicália, world music samplers, doo wop, trance repetition, underwater pop, steel drums and island feeling plus club oriented song structures, uptempo beats and exotica production. El Guincho's live set is a unique experience, too. People call it "amazonic rave" and they are right. Just his voice, a floor tom, some percussion and his Pandora's box of samplers. Mind blowing and 200% danceable."No one else is really making music quite like this." --Pitchfork

Javiera Mena

Buscabulla (Spanish slang for troublemaker) is the Spanish language experimental pop project of Raquel Berrios and Luis del Valle.

Heavily influenced by vintage Latin music like salsa gorda, Cuban psych and '80s Argentinian rock, Buscabulla combines both electronic and live instrumentation.

Raquel, a designer, record collector, and producer teamed up with multi instrumentalist and producer Luis del Valle in 2011 and they have since been warming hearts. In 2015, Kitsuné released their self-titled EP which was produced by Dev Hynes of Blood Orange.

Overall, Buscabulla create a hybrid they like to call the Caribbean music of the future.

On the surface, King Lil G is a rebel. He's been involved in gangs, he's been arrested and served time, he fathered a child before adulthood, he dropped out of school and, to match his record, his body is covered in tattoos. But beyond his troubled past and rough exterior, G is a true artist with a message of HOPE.
Born and raised in Los Angeles, California by his single Mexican mother, King Lil G turned to the streets shortly after his parents divorced when he was 12. Soon enough, gang activity would catch up with him, landing him in Juvenile Hall and then house arrest. But G didn't let the imprisonment discourage him, instead, he used the time to reflect, finding solace in writing rhymes.

Inspired by his own struggles, trials and tribulations that had shaped him, G looked no further than his own life for material. With no formal training or music background, he began to self-teach and, as a result, master the art of storytelling in its most raw, honest and simplest form of wordsmithing. Additionally, he was influenced by the G-funk flavor of 90s West Coast rap about women, weed and palm trees, especially that of California hip-hop staples Snoop Dogg, Too $hort and Dr. Dre, among others, as well as Mexican folk ballads called corridos music and the passion and emotion of one of his all-time favorites, Tupac.

"I wanted to rap about the struggle - real street stuff that I was going through," says King Lil G of his gangster hip-hop sound. "I also started reading, including a book called Quotationary (Leonard Roy Frank)… [which] inspired me to write a lot of the songs I write now. It taught me a lot about friends, women and family."
And, in the bigger scheme of things, G hoped to inspire others to stray away from committing some of the same mistakes he made and instead strive to achieve their goals and dreams, just as he was attempting to do then. His mentality was, and continues to be, if he can make it so can anyone. Furthermore, if he can use his platform, however small or big it may be, to help others, then that's exactly what he plans to do.

"There are so many things I want to do, but to begin with I want to do a lot of things for kids… not just the kids that aren't healthy, but how about kids that have no hope?" G explains. "The ones that can get help but don't have money and parents don't know a way to help them out. I want to be that person."

With this goal in mind, Lil G compiled a slew of his best music and released it via the mixtape Blue Devil 2 in 2011CK, followed by his second release, King Enemy, in 2012CK, and before he knew it, he had gained a sizable viral buzz and hardcore, loyal fan base (currently he has over 22k followers on Twitter, over 161k likes on Facebook, 72k subscribers to his YouTube channel and 80k followers on Instagram).

He began performing locally while quietly building an army of fans across the country. Today, he's selling out performances around the country. His fans came in a myriad of colors and shapes, from Mexicans to Whites to Blacks and others, and his word began to make its round and stick with even the unlikeliest of listener. He made the hopeless feel hopeful and the grittiest of gang banger feel like today was a better day, maybe even good enough to put the gun down and seek a different path, a more positive one, much like G did.

It was this very appeal that made Lil G a hot commodity to labels and, as a result, in 2012 he was scouted by and signed a joint venture deal with MIH Entertainment, LLC. With a bigger machine to help him spread his message of optimism and promise, and motivated by his vastly growing popularity, King Lil G created the Sucio (Spanish for "dirty") Movement, which, in his own words, is "a positive movement that has to do with freedom and not being afraid to accomplish and do things… it's empowerment for those that don't think they can make it and come from nothing."

Similarly, his latest project, AK47Boyz, hopes to motivate and inspire. Unlike what might initially come to mind when reading the title, the reference to an AK 47 riffle represents "power and knowledge," says G. "It means do whatever you want. When you figure out that person out there is not smarter than you yet that person is doing great things, you will see that you can, too. This is what I want to open people's eyes to."

Released last March, AK47Boyz is his most well-received album to date; it's been downloaded over 50,000 times on, with 140k views to date. Songs like Hopeless Boy, a true-to-life depiction of his bout with drug dealing and going through financial hardships, finds King Lil G rapping, "Motherfucker, I had guns in my mother's closet, the day she caught me, tear drops started falling / then she slapped me in the face, looking broken-hearted, how the fuck do I explain that my hood is stronger?" over a looping snare and static drums by NutKase. An accompanying video was shot and will be released soon.

El Alpachino, with a church-like chorus topped by double-speed drums helmed by Five Oh Trez, compares G's own life to that of the character of Al Pacino from the movie Scarface. "He came from nothing and made his story happen by linking with people," explains G. "Like when he was working at the sandwich shop and then built his way up – that's my life and a lot of people can relate to that."

Meanwhile, there's Love Kills, a sexy number about unfaithfulness and relationship woes, atop a galactic production by AAP Jermz Jedi Keyz and featuring Krypto, and Joey and Jasmine, "a song that teaches the difference between a hoe and a good woman," says G bluntly. Other producers include Drummer Boy and Lewis Parker and guest appearances from David Ortiz and LA Gun Smoke, among others.

"I want to make music with a purpose," closes King Lil G. "I want to inspire others. It'd be beautiful. How much of a difference would it make if a hardcore gang member would be like, 'let's not kill today, let's change our lives'? As my career goes on, I want to keep pushing this positive vibe… and if I start helping others, that will make me successful."

Music saved King Lil G. Now, the reality rapper is ready to pay it forward.

Rostros Ocultos

El nombre de ROSTROS OCULTOS esta basado en una obra de Salvador Dali­, el decir Rostros Ocultos nos permite ver los distintos rostros de la musica, asi­ somos, nos divertimos y tocamos distintas corrientes musicales sin salirnos de nuestro estilo propio.
INTEGRANTES ACTUALES GIRA 2009: Arturo Ybarra en las Guitarras y Coros, Kala en la Voz, Bola Domene en la Bateria, Andres Franco en Teclados y Alfonso Martinez en el Bajo
El grupo inicio en 1985, en ese entonces nos haci­amos llamar "Montana" debido a un contrato con los cigarros, con ese nombre grabamos un disco el cual desprendieron exitos como "Quiero Mas" y "Quisiera que estuvieras Aqui", despues en 1987 adoptamos el nombre de "Rostros Ocultos" donde empezamos a destacar y nos colocamos dentro de los grupos favoritos de rock mexicano, en ese tiempo firmamos un contrato con EMI para grabar nuestros siguientes discos, vino "Disparado" donde se desprendio el exito "Mujer Desechable", despues vino el disco que nos dio una mejor trayectoria "Abre tu Corazon", en este disco salieron exitos muy importantes como "El Final" y "Abre tu Corazon" ahi empezamos a tocar por lo largo y ancho del Pais con gran reconocimiento a tal grado de que en ese año se recibio disco de oro por las altas ventas del disco y le otorgaron el premio Fonos que da la asociacion de Periodistas a Kala como mejor vocalista de rock. Arturo fue reconocido tambien por la Revista Conecte como el mejor guitarrista de rock en es, despues el grupo tomo una pauta y los lideres principales de la banda decidieron hacer proyectos por separado, Arturo grabo un disco Gospel bajo el nombre de "Luz Aquella" y Kala decidio hacer un proyecto como solista llamado "Con Huevos y Cajeta", despues en 1997 y por peticion de la compañia deciden juntarse nuevamente como "Rostros Ocultos" y lanzan al mercado "Dame una Razon". En el 2000 y para cerrar un ciclo deciden grabar "15 Celebracion" donde cantan sus mejores canciones haciendose acompañar por grandes figuras del rock latino como Aleks Syntek, Alex Lora, Jose Fors, Alejandra Guzman, Hugo de Azul Violeta, Marciano de Enanitos Verdes, Benny Ibarra entre otros, de ahi se desprende una extensa gira con algunos invitados del disco y en su presentacion de esta gira en el Auditorio Benito Juarez llenaron con la audiencia de 15,000 personas. En el 2003 se dedican a grabar y componer el disco Renacer que conserva el estilo caracter acustico de los Rostros, en este disco deciden invitar a Alex Gonzalez de Mana y Miguel Rios a participar en 2 temas. La produccion corrio a cargo de Benny Faccone y actualmente estan cubriendo la gira de promocion que da inicio a este disco donde estan destacando temas como Corazon que habla de la Concientizacion y la importancia de la Donacion de organos y Ya no quiero verte mas acompañado por Alex de Mana.
Durante el 2008, el Gobierno del D.F. reconoce la trayectoria de Rostros Ocultos y plasman una placa conmemorativa por los 50 años del rock mexicano en el que denominaron "50x50 Paseo del Rock Mexicano" donde figuran los 50 maximos exponentes del rock en Mexico.
A inicios del 2009, se empezo a preparar el disco 11:11 que saldra en Septiembre de este año y que cuenta con la participacion de 2 de los fundadores junto con Cala y Arturo Ybarra, los virtuosos Andres Franco en los Teclados y Bola Domene en la Bateria.

Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas

Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas have arrived at last with their long awaited Instant Records debut, SECRET EVIL. The album sees the Detroit-based band serving up a brilliantly polyglot sonic stew – equal parts rockabilly and surf pop, cabaret jazz and funky reggae, Latin psych and Gypsy punk – all cooked up on the hot Motor City pavement and seasoned by that distinctly Detroit combination of blasted R&B, showband theatrics, and limitless rock 'n' soul energy. Songs like "Caught Up" and the syncopated "No Place Left To Hide" showcase Hernandez's unstoppable vocals and breath of musical ambition, braiding contemporary pop thrills with an original and unmistakable creative persona all her own. Dizzying in its range and ambition, SECRET EVIL is fresh, focused, and surprising, a remarkable debut album from an indescribably compelling new band.

"We get called a lot of different things from a lot of different people," Hernandez says. "It's a combination of stuff that's really fun and dark and makes you feel a whole range of emotions."

Born and raised in Detroit, Hernandez headed off to Chicago's Columbia College at 17 but dropped out two years later in order to devote her ample energy to music. She moved to Kansas City, where, despite having only rudimentary skills, she bought and then taught herself guitar and piano.

"I picked it up really easily," she says. "I found that I knew how things should sound, how to form a chord just by listening to the instrument. Every day I would learn a couple of chords and write another song."

Hernandez pushed hard, penning a ream of sensitive singer/songwriter-inspired tunes and educating herself in the art of lo fi recording. She eventually returned to Detroit and in 2009, united the five-man Deltas. Though initially just a provisional arrangement, Hernandez and the powerhouse combo promptly made their bones as a preternaturally volatile live act, capable of full force raw power, wide-ranging emotion, and inventive, dramatic stagecraft.

"I thought it was going to be temporary," she says, "but it just worked so well. It felt so great having these amazing musicians play songs I'd written in a way I never could've done on my own. All of a sudden my sound had a darker, soulful big band vibe. It freed me up to go a lot of different ways. I didn't need to be stuck doing just the one thing."

Despite her long-standing commitment to artistic independence, Hernandez signed with Blue Note and then opted to record her debut album with a producer rather than on her own. She met with a number of top studio hands, ultimately choosing to team with GRAMMY® Award-winner Milo Froideval.

"Milo and I hit it off immediately," she says, "I felt really comfortable with him, which is the best thing you can ask for when you're trying to be creative. We have similar personalities, a similar sense of humor. Part of that I think is coming from a Latin background. He felt like family, in a sense."

In 2012, Hernandez and her Deltas headed down to El Paso's renowned Sonic Ranch, located on 2,300 acres of pecan orchards bordering the Rio Grande and Mexico. Froideval indeed proved the ideal collaborator, from enlisting some of Mexico City's finest mariachi horns to helping Hernandez articulate her myriad musical ideas even after the sessions had wrapped.

"We would hang out, have a couple of beers, and try things," she says. "Experimenting with different tones to make it a little more unique. It was really open."

Alas, the Blue Note deal broke down and the recordings were soon locked in limbo. Set free at last in 2013 by Blue Note President Don Was, Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas promptly joined forces with Instant Records, the independent label founded by legendary producer, songwriter and record executive Richard Gottehrer (Blondie, The Go-Gos, Dum Dum Girls). Hernandez culled a few choice cuts from the Sonic Ranch sessions, recorded a couple of new tracks live to tape, and released 2013's acclaimed DEMONS. The EP earned national acclaim, with PopMatters hailing it as "an accomplished document that proves the band deserves all the hype they've been garnering." "(Hernandez is) painting a very big picture," declared The Huffington Post, "and her memorable voice is only one of the textured colors on a multidimensional palette."

SECRET EVIL reveals all the many hues in Hernandez's 120-count box of crayons. Despite its vintage, the album is in fact so contemporary one would be forgiven for assuming it was recorded two years from now. Songs like "Over" and the rollicking "Sorry I Stole Your Man" crank like Wanda Jackson fronting The Seeds in an Acapulco dive bar, The Deltas busting out their wicked blend of girl group melodies, driving arrangements, and infectious energy. A self-described storyteller at heart, Hernandez chronicles her personal trials and triumphs throughout SECRET EVIL, all in the hope of touching a truly universal chord. Tender tracks like "Cry Cry Cry" and the album-closing "Lovers First" stand out as snapshots of experiences, intimacies, and moments that matter.

"My favorite songs ended up being the ballads," Hernandez says. "I feel like I can almost hear myself starting to cry. Maybe that's something only I will know, because at the time we recorded the vocal performances, the situations I'm singing about were still so relevant, still so present in my life. It's amazing to be able to have a point like that in your life captured, even if there were things that you probably wouldn't want to remember."

Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas are now primed and raring to bring their ineffably cool Midwestern rock 'n' soul to an overheated venue near you. Having waited patiently to unleash SECRET EVIL, Hernandez is now fully prepared to call the highway her home, at least for the foreseeable future.

"The album is finally being released and I could not be more excited," she says. "Now it's time to get back in my van with my boys and show everyone why this record means so much to me."

Las Pinas

All female surf punk band from Argentina.

Silver Rose

Proyecto musical de Carla M. Sari. Fundado en 2015.

Los Nastys

Madrid, Spain

Mylko are two multi-instrumentalist producers in their mid/late 20's who started writing music roughly 10 years ago. They both started out as drummers, which is evident in their intricately polyrhythmic compositional style. They met at age 16 and became close friends later during music school. About 5 years ago, having worked with a ton of independent artists, they found a primal, instinctual desire to start making music with a purpose. The band's record Contrast is about a dark period they went through. Musically, it breaks the norms of stereotypical electro pop and indie dance while challenging generally accepted and popular concepts of music production and songwriting. Its release is scheduled for early 2016.

The band is influenced by artists such as Cornelius, Bibio, Jessie Ware, Flying Lotus and The Chemical Brothers. The name Mylko comes from a joke, when they were having breakfast at a friend's house in the US and their friend exclaimed, "Spanish is so easy! Just add an "o" after any English word and you can speak it. Such as, "Pass the Milk-o!!

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