Black Rose (Thin Lizzy Tribute), Manta Rat (Pixies Tribute), N.E.W. athens (R.E.M. Tribute), Rare Candy (Video Game Tribute)

Black Rose (Thin Lizzy Tribute)

Baltimore's Thin Lizzy Tribute, feat. Tobias Hurwitz, Jim Zill, Brent and Ben Jones

Manta Rat (Pixies Tribute)

N.E.W. athens (R.E.M. Tribute)

N.E.W. Athens is a band dedicated to performing the music of R.E.M. The band includes four veteran musicians, all who have played different styles throughout their lives, including punk, funk, party rock, jazz and more. But they've come together to honor one of the best American bands. The name N.E.W. Athens pays tribute to Athens, GA., where R.E.M. was formed.

N.E.W. Athens' set list covers a wide range of R.E.M.'s music, from their earliest songs off of "Murmur" and "Fables of the Reconstruction," to later tunes from "Out of Time" and "Reveal." Sure, they play some of the hits, but they also play many songs that the most dedicated R.E.M. fans know and love. Either way, you'll be singing and dancing the whole night!

And, of course, being based in Rockville, Maryland--oh, the irony--they do play "Don't Go Back to Rockville".

Rare Candy (Video Game Tribute)



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