Church of the 8th Day


Black/Death Metal form Wellington, New Zealand

The Elegy Ensemble

Ritual Necromancy

Ruin's highly anticipated release "Rite of Passage" hit the shelves last October, setting fire to the local metal scene. Their distinguished no holds barred style crashes full speed ahead, taking no prisoners. The thunderous four piece displays an unabashed, unrelenting sound. From their reflective and compelling lyrical content to their devastating musical precision, RUIN is a force of nature. They Deviate from current convention by producing a bold stripped down American metal that cuts across styles and stands alone. Hailing from their hometown, Portland ME, the band was founded by brothers Rich and Craig Carey, and completed by Kevin Whitman and Todd Bidwell. Created a decade ago, Ruin has released three full length albums independently; Hands of Enmity in 2007,Human Moral Deception 2009, and "Rite of Passage" 2014.

Fallen Angel



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