Matthew Mayfield

Matthew Mayfield

Birmingham native, Matthew Mayfield, started his musical journey in 1992 when he fell in love with Guns N' Roses. It was at 9 years old that he decided that he was going to be in a rock 'n' roll band.

Matthew Mayfield has a series of critically acclaimed releases to his credit, including his latest, Irons In The Fire (2013). Produced by Paul Moak (Mat Kearney, The Weeks), it was hailed by as "a fantastic showcase of Mayfield's talents and a great step forward." In addition to four new songs, the EP contains remastered versions of "Fire Escape" and "Tonight," which Mayfield penned with The Civil Wars' John Paul White for 2011's Now You're Free.

His previous band, Moses Mayfield, signed with Epic Records in 2005. After they disbanded in 2007, Mayfield launched a solo career without the support of label. Since then he's self-released seven EPs and three full-length albums, offering fans a consistent stream of new music. His debut solo effort, The Fire EP (2008), included "First In Line," appearing on the 100th episode of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy." The next project, Five Chances Remain Hers (2009), produced by Paul Moak, landed another track, "Better," on Grey's Anatomy. That single shot to No. 1 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart.

In 2010, with the help of fans and Pledge Music, Mayfield set off to record his first full length solo album, again working with producer Paul Moak. Of that experience, he says, "I headed to Nashville to make Now You're Free [2011], a record I had always wanted to make full of anthemic rock songs with heart." After an extensive tour in support of that album, Mayfield headed back to the studio for something a bit more stripped down. "I wanted to make a record full of the residuals—full of what's left on the canvas after you strip it all off." There, A Banquet for Ghosts (2012) was created.

Mayfield has toured with such artists as Needtobreathe, Pete Yorn, Switchfoot and Blue October and licensed songs to numerous television shows, including "Grey's Anatomy," "Nashville," "Hart of Dixie" and "Ringer," to name a few.

Mayfield's next project is due out in late 2014.

Emily Hackett

Emily Hackett speaks the truth. The singer/songwriter raised in Atlanta, GA pulls these emotions into her music, stirring in an authentic blend of self-deprecation that is both unique and refreshing. What poises her against the rest is the soul of a fiery artist ready to light up the stage, all the while still as honest as her Southern roots.“ I find that speaking the truth, although it should seem simple, is one of the most difficult things to do as you grow up,” explains Emily. “ Even if a negative thought about the choices you’re making crosses your mind, it’s rare to give it more than a few seconds of your time, let alone bring it to fruition in full lyrical form. That’s what I have learned to do as a writer. If I can’t be honest with someone to their face or to myself in a relationship, it’ll always come out in a song. Somehow it’s there that I have the bravery to admit to it.” This heart of lyrical fearlessness for Emily was anchored at an early age. Growing up, there was not the slightest oddity to have a basement wall covered from floor to ceiling with records or to grasp the concept of speaking your mind. Her dad, a seasoned rock and roll critic brought out the musical soul in Emily, while her mom taught her to balance it out with sensible sentiments and a strong work ethic.“ My mom is a boss lady. Always has been. She’s worked at many different companies, getting companies off the ground, turning them around, and living the dream job now out in Malibu. My dad was the stay at home dad and took the job seriously—always making sure we were smiling, but also pushing us to chase things we loved.” The result of Emily’s insatiable passion is undeniable. In the last few years, Emily has made a splash in the music scene releasing two EPs –As It Comes and Fury, Fear and Heartbreak. In 2013, Emily released an acoustic cover with Megan Davies of Lorde’s hit “ Royals.” The response has brought in over half-a-million views on YouTube, was featured on Buzzfeed, won “ Best Coffeehouse Cover of 2013” on Sirius XM and reached the final round of “ Best Royals Covers” on Ryan Seacrest. In 2014 Emily won the national Belk’s Modern Southern Music Showcase where she played tour dates with artists Lady Antebellum, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Rascal Flatts. In the same line, her duet with Parachute frontman Will Anderson, “ Take My Hand (The Wedding Song)” reached over 50k streams on Soundcloud in less than two months and peaked at the No. 4 spot on the iTunes® Singer-Songwriter chart. The music video for the single currently sits at over 10 million views.Emily’s new single “ Nostalgia,” written with Steph Jones and husband, Mikey Reaves, unraveled as the three were listening to a wistful guitar loop. “ I couldn’t put a finger on it. It was just the way it sounded, I felt like I was in a scene from high school or something. Then I just thought, what if we personified nostalgia? What if we gave that feeling a life? I said those first few words, “ I’m the red balloon at the carnival” and next thing we knew it was 1:00 am and we had this song we all were obsessed with.”
There’s a compatibility between the novelty and depth found in Emily’s artistry. Her music has the power to transform listeners in a direction where many songwriters fear to tread. With her organic honesty and raw-honey vocals, it’s no wonder that the possibilities continue to unfurl for Emily Hackett.

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