Aaron Gibson

Aaron Gibson

Born into a military family, Aaron always thought that he would follow in his father's footsteps and serve his country after finishing school. After taking some classical guitar lessons at age 10, Aaron didn’t play music for almost five years. One day, Aaron had a revelation. On the bus ride home from his freshman year of high school, Aaron heard a student playing Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” on the guitar, and he was hooked. He asked friend to show him how to play the song, unfortunately, he told him that it was too difficult for him to understand. That evening, Aaron locked himself in his room and listened to the song again and again, teaching himself to play by ear. This was the beginning of an obsession.

Aaron began to explore the true passion of his life; music. Although it would take time to make his new found dream a reality, he slowly worked his goal day by day. Aaron devoted a large portion of his free time as a teenager towards teaching himself to play multiple instruments including the ukulele, mandolin, and guitar.

By 18, Aaron had created dozens of original instrumental arrangements on guitar and was participating in open mic’s across the the Metro area. He was also a regular artist at several local venues. Shortly after finding success as a instrumentalist, Aaron began to teach himself to sing and quickly began to incorporate lyrics into his compositions. In early 2015 Aaron recorded his first self-titled EP and has quickly shown himself to be a powerful live performer. Aaron is currently working on his first full length album with an anticipated release date in the winter of 2015.

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