Siravo combines aggressive hard rock with meaningful melodies for a familiar yet unique, signature sound. With a pallet consisting of pounding drum beats, driving bass lines, blaring guitars, and heartfelt vocal melodies, Siravo reaches out and pulls listeners from the inside out. Their perpetual endeavor to push the envelope while maintaining a nostalgic tip of the hat to rock music's roots started in 2007. The band formed as a 3-piece group, and has since entertained countless crowds throughout the Philadelphia and New Jersey scenes. The band has endured several lineup changes, inviting new players into their circle, but never straying from their vision: to create music that is both identifiable and self-reflective with no apologies. Today, Siravo is guitarist and vocalist Michael Archangelo, guitarist and vocalist Andy Horne, bassist Izzy Ray, and drummer Paul Buondonno. Siravo's first album, a full-length entitled "Inside It All", was released digitally in November of 2011 and quickly received recognition from Philadelphia's premier rock radio station, 93.3 WMMR. That release, along with their 4-track EP entitled "Hearts & Minds", which they released in August 2013, gained airplay on local college radio stations and earned the band a spot on WMMR's Local Shots podcast. Siravo released their second full-length record, Vassal, in November of 2015, and WMMR once again featured the band on their Local Shots podcast leading up to the release.

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Zymotic Flow

Five piece rock band from Philly

Yeah Son

Experimenting with blends of alternative rock, funk, reggae and hip-hop, this talented and energetic band is difficult to classify but has a little something for any music-lover. Having been featured on Philadelphia radio station's "Local Shots" in 2011, Yeah Son! has quickly made a name for themselves in the Philly music scene as one of the hottest upcoming bands. This 6-piece boasts killer vocals and harmonies (male and female leads), shredding guitars, keyboards and effects and dominating and energetic live performances that blow the roof off of any venue. Yeah Son! is the breath of fresh air that Philly has been waiting for and sure to entertain the hell out of any crowd!

Matt created Dead:Stop in December 2012 as just an idea and shortly solidified the band with heterosexual life M8 Cooper. After theorizing the band’s future, they knew they were missing a key element in their fellow HSLM8 and life-long friend and musician, Brendan James. Not even a month passed before it was clear there was something fresh and innovative on the rise. The band decided this was to be a completely new experience, taking their sound in a heavier direction than any of their previous musical endeavors… it felt good; it was real. Fueled by their new sound, they are determined to take to the band to greater heights. Our music is greatly influenced by the music we grew up with such as Linkin Park, Story Of The Year, Breaking Benjamin and Rage Against The Machine. After about a year we in January 2013 we decided to make an addition to our live performance and gain a new guitarist, Pat Fox. We finished recording a studio EP called “Keep On” and released it on July 4th 2013. In that same year, D:S played consistently in and around Philadelphia, becoming acquainted with the scene and making friends with some of the local bands and promoters. In late 2015 D:S decided to make a serious lineup change and bring Matt upfront as the new lead singer with Brendan. With the new change in motion D:S needed to find a new drummer. Many auditioned but didn’t seem to click with everyone. After months of searching the guys stumbled upon a Beast from the Middle East, who hailed by the name of Aviv Roziner. They started practice up again and once he was familiar with the set, they set off once again to pursue their dreams. In December 2015, Pat had to leave the band for personal reasons. The foursome set out to rock 2016 like no other year. We are Dead Stop; we come before you modestly and whole-heartedly.

Good Look, Sigourney

Good Look, Sigourney is all about a good time. They fluidly combine in-your-face guitars with infectious dance rhythms along side conscience lyrics and heavy melodies. Their undeniable cuteness will surely stick with you.

Audio Impulse

Audio Impulse is an alternative rock band that writes hard driving riffs, melodic bass lines, solid face-melting drums, and soul shattering lyrics accompanied by complex vocal harmonies. A down to earth groove and a pure love for rock and roll, this band is an ode to all of those rock greats that came before them. Not only does the music bring you back to the glory days of rock, but it adds the next chapter. Each song is a journey into the minds and hearts of four musicians who do what they do for no other reason than the pure love of the music. Crank the volume as loud as you can and blast off into a frenzy of fast paced energy that will shatter your soul and cleanse you of the everyday troubles that plague us all.

Chad Jenkins Band

Chad Jenkins is a Philadelphia, PA singer/songwriter and TV cameraman/producer.

The new record is entitled: VIDEO and is available in the shop and at:


4 piece band based out of Philadelphia. Our sound would best be described as a cross of soul and rock with a hint of blues.

D.S. Bradford

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