BT - 12 Strange Weather

Strange Weather (Film)

USA, Feature Film, 2016, 92 min

This film tracks an uncompromising woman (Holly Hunter) as she embarks on a road trip through the south with her best friend (Carrie Coon) to uncover the truth about the one event in her life that she can’t get over. Each stop on the road becomes a key step in Darcy’s process of overcoming, giving her a new way to think about her past and how to transform it into a different kind of future. Strange Weather is a story about what to give up and what to keep close, and the universal process of recovering from grief by simultaneously holding on and letting go.

Starring Holly Hunter and Carrie Coon
Directed by Katherine Dieckmann
Produced by Rachel Cohen and Jana Edelbaum

Director Katherine Dieckmann, Producer Rachel Cohen in person

$9.00 - $11.00


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