Johnny B

A professional poker dealer, a radio personality, a youth football coach, and a successful stand-up comedian all walk into a bar....and the crowd says "Hey, Johnny B".

For nearly 15 years, Johnny Bell has been entertaining comedy crowds around the country with a style that can be considered aggressive, logical, offensive, and level-headed all at the same time. It's easy to simply get on stage and say controversial things, but Johnny attacks absurd life experiences--especially his own-- with a critical eye that finds humor from different angles. He's a dad, he's been divorced and he's dealt cards at the World Series of Poker twice, and all of those perspectives make for hilarious observations on stage that keeps crowds laughing.



Cigar City Comedy and The Attic are proud to present "Last Saturday Live," a monthly comedy show featuring local, regional and international comics. The shows will be held every month on the last Saturday of the month and shouldnt be missed!


Host :: John Jacobs

Feature :: Matt Fernandez

Feature :: Chris Matson 

Headliner :: Johnny B 

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