Sauti (Voice)

Uganda, Feature Documentary, 2016, 71 min

Despite living as refugees in Uganda for decades, it remains nearly impossible for women to create lives for themselves beyond the fences of the camp. In this coming-of-age documentary by two Boulder filmmakers, five young women, who as children fled war and persecution in Rwanda, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo, attempt to transcend the label “refugee” and the protracted refugee situation of living in limbo with few solutions in sight. Over the course of four years, these women share stories of their past and dreams of their futures while daily navigating nearly insurmountable challenges to take charge of their lives. In this uniquely artistic film, the women become storytellers in their own right through drawings, poems and video self-documentation, bringing voice to an often unacknowledged aspect of the global refugee crisis: What it means to be a refugee your entire life. Subtitled

Directed and produced by Gayle Nosal and Beret Strong
Edited by John Tweedy

Directors Gayle Nosal and Beret Strong, Editor John Tweedy, Favourite Regina, one of the students, and Joshua Habarugira, Former Education Manager where the girls studied, in person

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