Ella Brennan: Commanding The Table

USA, Feature Documentary, 2016, 96 min

“The liveliest bio of a restaurateur that has ever been made.” Huffington Post

At 18, Ella Brennan went to work at her brother’s bar on Bourbon Street in the ‘40s and started cooking great Creole food. She eventually caused a revolution in the American Food movement, and became a household name in the restaurant industry. Ella pushed her chefs (like Paul Prudhomme and Emeril Lagasse) to the forefront, helping to launch the celebrity chef phenomenon. As owner of a James Beard Award-winning restaurant, the Commander’s Table, Ella, along with her family of Brennan restaurateurs, controls a big slice of New Orleans’ billion-dollar dining industry. We see the effervescent life of Ella as she walks her restaurants, befriends customers and shepherds her staff. This film is directed by Academy Award-nominated director Leslie Iwerks.

Directed by Leslie Iwerks

Restaurateur Alex Brennan (son of Ella) in person

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