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Flosstradamus, the oft-mentioned Chicago DJ duo comprised of J2K (Josh Young) and Autobot (Curt Cameruci) have been dominating the party scene nationwide with their tag-team DJ sets (3 turntables, 2 mixers) for just over a year and show no signs of slowing down. But let's get one thing straight, for the record: no more Wu-Tang requests, please!

Both established DJs in Chicago prior to their alliance as Flosstradamus, J2K and Autobot initially linked up while DJing a house party together in 2005, decided to start performing as a duo, and the rest is history. Gathering vast influences from their respective backgrounds in punk and hip-hop, Flosstradamus brought normally divided crowds together with their unique mixes of Baltimore club, hip-hop, house, obscure remixes, and juke. A monthly party soon followed ("Get Outta The Hood") at Chicago's Town Hall Pub, and within a year Flosstradamus turned a stagnant bar into the proverbial place-to-be, lines stretching down the block while sweaty kids crowd surf and get down inside. National press soon began to take notice, with features in URB ("Next 100 for 2006"), MTV (featured in "My Block"), and The Fader. Other recent accolades of note include 2006 appearances at SXSW, CMJ, Pitchfork Festival, Pop Montreal, parties for VICE, The Fader, Jane Magazine, DKNY, URB, and Puma, not to mention performances with Clipse, Common, and Rick Ross.

In the coming year, Flosstradamus plan to show off the rest of their multifaceted talent. Coming soon will be a full length Flosstradamus LP with J2K and Autobot on production duties, a mixtape with up and coming rappers The Cool Kids, and a European tour with A-Trak and Kid Sister.

ScHoolboy Q

Quincy Matthew Hanley (born October 26, 1986), better known by his stage name ScHoolboy Q is an American hip hop recording artist. Hanley is signed to Top Dawg Entertainment/Interscope Records and is a member of Black Hippy along with Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul. In a 2011 interview when asked about what encouraged him to start rapping, Hanley explained that it was something he was "born to do": "I was just chillin' man, but rapping's just something I was born to do. I don't know when I started rapping. I don't know how I started rapping, but I know I wrote a verse and I was stuck ever since," he explained.

Preceded by two mixtapes, his album Setbacks reached #100 on the Billboard 200 in 2011, selling close to 1,000 digital copies in the first week. On January 14, 2012 he released his second independent album Habits & Contradictions. The album debuted at #111 on the US Billboard 200 chart, with first-week sales of 3,900 digital copies in the United States.

Brooklyn by way of Chicago based DJ and producer, Brenmar, represents a strange musical paradox. Somehow defying the odds, he marries the artificial gloss of commercial R'n'B with the urban grittiness of underground styles like Chicago footwork and UK bass. His releases on the Discobelle, Grizzly, and Enchufada labels have taken him to both coasts of the U.S., Canada Japan, and the EU – frenzying crowds with his up-tempo, neon-drenched tunes. Brenmar's more 'unofficial' online releases have also been gobbled up by the taste-making blogs and DJs of the world. His recipe for success? Take a pinch of Mannie Fresh snares, a handful of DJ Rashad toms, a dose of basslines from the UK, a generous portion of Hot 97 vocalists, poach it all in a synthesizer broth, and garnish with some Timbaland sheen. You're getting close.

Retro-minded Brooklyn club act Body Language take ‘80s soul and electro and deliver it with a futuristic slant, much like Deee-Lite, Chromeo, or Jamiroquai. Backed by party promoters CassetteNYC and Percussionlab, the band (Grant Wheeler, Matt Young, Ian Chang, and Ms. Angelica Bess) built up a solid fan base playing shows in N.Y.C., before Moodgadget Records released the group's Speaks EP in 2009. The band's first album, Social Studies, came out in late 2011 on Om records.

Casey Veggies

Casey "Casey Veggies" Jones may be young but he definitely knows the value of prioritizing. Although this 90's baby (born July 18, 1993) came into high school with hoop dreams, playing shooting guard for Inglewood High School's Sentinels, the L.A. native soon realized that in pursuing basketball he was really just sleeping on another talent- rapping.

Back in ninth grade, the young MC had been recording songs and posting them on his Myspace page just for fun. After receiving positive feedback on a few of the tracks, Veggies began to re-evaluate his relationship with music. "I was just writing and writing but then when I began recording things just started to fall into place," says the 11th grader. "The response I got made me take it more seriously."

With his first mixtape project, 2007's Customized Greatly Vol. 1, the 16 year-old lyricist proved that he had the potential to be more than just another Myspace artist. He followed up that project a year later with Customized Greatly Vol. 2 which produced "I'm Right Here" and "It's All Good," two songs that picked up around the city. By junior year, he realized that this was something that he not only wanted, but needed to do. So he traded in the hard wood for the stage, dusted off his rhyme book and started getting even more serious about his music. He was making a name for himself amongst the younger crowd in Los Angeles, but now he has his sights set on greater gains. Vol. 1 was somewhat of an experiment, Vol. 2 a test, but now the teen-aged spitter is ready for graduation.
Sleeping in Class, his third solo project, and arguably his most evolved yet, promises to be a culmination of the lessons he's learned over the last couple of years. The tape intends to prove that while the young artist is not quite seasoned, his potential is definitely ripe.

"I'm trying to be diverse and versatile but at the same time I want it to be more real than gimmicky," says Veggies. "It'll be real hip-hop and me most of the time trying to convey a message but there will be fun songs here and there."
But the humble 90's-born baby has already laid a strong foundation for that.


Whether deck or dinner plate, Jesse Tittsworth's insatiable hunger questionably devours whatever is put in front of him. His food preferences veer past strange: his favorite meal is live octopus. His appetite was just as fierce in 2004, when the Chinese-American carnivore from Washington D.C. almost immediately leap-frogged from local favorite to international DJ headliner.

Once established as a DJ, Tittsworth immediately began to dig into his next course as a producer. With his remixes on Radio One and in influential Top 10 lists, soon the growl for original material couldn't be ignored; in 2008 his debut album 12 Steps on Plant Music was released to critical acclaim by Billboard, DJ Mag, and URB. More original material is bubbling in 2011 with the release of the 2 Strokes Raw EP (Plant Music).

Tittsworth as musician is one type of meat, Tittsworth as entrepreneur is another. In 2006 Tittsworth established his own label with DJ Ayres: T&A Records. In 2010 he became a co-owner of U Street Music Hall, a world-class night club with an ever-present line for sold-out shows. 2011 offered a new signature dish: the launch of, a first-look lifestyle site featuring music, food, tattoos, humor, and the macabre.

David Heartbreak

David Heartbreak (Moombahton OG and the Originator of Moombahsoul)
(The Brooklyn Born, Charlotte Native is on the mist of international notoriety. Steadily producing and djing Heartbreak is taking his passion to the club. Playing everything from Hip Hop, Reggae, dancehall, Moombahton, Kuduro, dutch house, baile funk and everything in between Heartbreak has no limits. The dance floor is bumping while Heartbreak is on the turntables. Producer of all genres, and jack of all trades, His current involvement with the Moombahton movement has him touring the globe and garnering attention from the most elite. More that six free EPs deep, Heartbreak's production, performance and charming affect has started an onslaught of followers.)

Tabi Bonney

Rappers are often deemed products of their environments. What then of an MC born Tabiabuè Bonney in a little-known West African nation, and who now splits time between LA and Washington, DC? Tabi Bonney has made a career of doing what others won't or can't. While other rappers are stuck serving the same postured, provincial look at life, Tabi's point of view is refreshingly borderless. His perspective is both incisive and ironic as the son of one of his homeland's most prominent entertainers: musician Itadi Bonney, who was exiled for criticizing the Togolese dictatorial government. Imagine honing one's voice as an instrument when it's very use is hazardous. But Tabi Bonney revels in turning obstacles into opportunities.
His irrepressible, anthem tracks are known best for unusual cadences and pitch-bending inflections; opening salvo "The Pocket," off 2006 debut A Fly Guy's Theme, rode its high-octave hook onto every major US video outlet. In fact, Bonney is the only truly independent artist –no label, no publicist– to appear on MTV's Sucker Free countdown. A Fly Guy's Theme gained momentum with second single "Syce It" produced by Akon heatmaker BennyD, and "Doin' It" featuring fellow DC denizen Raheem DeVaughn.
In late 2008, Tabi is readying the whimsically titled Dope meet Fresh…Fresh meet Superstar. Hype is already swirling around the intoxicating buzz track "Cool and Fly," with tantalizingly sparse lyrics splashed over a deliciously down tempo groove.
Tabi also points to "Dreams are Only Dreams," noting that the song "reflects my world and how I feel right now." "You either get my music or you don't," Tabi concludes. "You remember in high school you had the popular, cool kids' table where new and trendsetting things are happening? Everybody wants to sit at that table but they can't; that's how I look at my music. You can't really sit at this table if you don't have that mentality. Most followers won't dig it until everybody else likes it; in the meantime, they don't know what to do."

The son of Sudanese and American parents, Amir Mohamed was born and raised in the United States capital city of Washington DC, spending hot summers in Khartoum learning Arabic and swimming in the Nile. Growing up amidst the sounds of New York hip hop, his father playing Oud, Go-Go, and gospel, Amir took his first steps as an MC producer in the analog basement studio of his legendary neighbor, Garry Shider (Parliament Funkadelic).

Convincing his entrepreneurial father that he too had business acumen, Amir laid the check from his first commercial release on the kitchen table before his 21st birthday and never looked back. Though Oddisee has gone on to perform with The Roots, produce for Freeway, Jazzy Jeff, Little Brother, De La Soul & Nikki Jean, and has MC’d on production from Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke and Kev Brown, his proudest moment was the birth of his critically acclaimed group The Diamond District with fellow Washingtonians X.O. and yU.

Known in the music industry for his independence, Oddisee consistently debunks the scatterbrained artist myth - doing everything from booking international tours to photography to marketing and promoting himself and even other artists. He now works as both artist and consultant with Mello Music Group, one of the foremost emerging independent labels to take advantage of the digital revolution to build a successful business.

Oddisee’s debut album "People Hear What They See" (set for release 12 June 2012) is a culmination of the duality of his life experiences, from DC internal politics to third world struggles, the line between love and selfishness, and the personal conflict between self-sabotage and progress, set to a backdrop of intricate drums, lush instrumentation, and soul-stirring harmonies.

Brenton Duvall

Quickly developing as the next DJ and producer to emerge out of the blogosphere, Brenton Duvall is positioning himself for big things both in the studio and in front of live crowds. Hailing from Potomac, Maryland Duvall is already well known for some of the internet's biggest original remixes. A HypeMachine chart topper, Brenton has received praise from those who's tracks he has remixed - including Childish Gambino, Benny Blanco, Sam Hollander, Dr. Luke, and more - and rocked crowds from Boston to Tuscaloosa Alabama on his college tour this past spring.
Duvall is releasing his first complete project over the summer, as well as many exciting remixes along the way.

Cam Jus

"As the Nation's Capital fills up with blog and ipod dj's, Cam Jus's skills set himself apart as he rocks parties with a signature blend of all manner of urban, street, and club music, focusing on what's progressive and outside the box. Bridging gaps between the hits and b-sides, regional and international styles, classic to futuristic, he has a graduated understanding of the how and why of music, as in how to drop a certain track at the perfect time, and why it slays on a dance floor.

Cam's humble journey saw him in the trenches as a hip hop and top 40 dj throwing parties at whole in the wall bars, stunting at house parties and bbq's, and hustling onto the scene at some of the city's major clubs. Now six years deep in the game, he is building a buzz with his own produced material, from remixes and original tracks spread on the web, to production for other artists. With a range of influences from Jazzy Jeff to Diplo, Cam's answer to the question, "what inspires you?" is simple: "When I spin, all I hear is Mavado when he says, 'DJ, bomb them. Never stop..." Look for the young DJ's signature selecting and mixing style as well as production to continue developing. He will no doubt be one to watch for the future."

a teenage group that seamlessly mixes hip-hop with rock, and jazz elements deliver a fresh and professional sound. Captivating live shows and a strong YouTube presence earned them a diverse spectrum of performance opportunities, from different high school "battle of the bands" type events, to sharing the stage with hip-hop pioneers.

Flatbush Zombies

DJ Underdog

Global sentient..American Tourist...Never Not Working...God without religion...One and None...Everywhere and nowhere...▲▲▲

"Both feet on the ground, touching the sky," is the motto that the Philadelphia raised artist Asaad lives by. Asaad is best described as a peaceful warrior in the battle for individuality and fun.
Born and raised in a city, which has seen a lot of talents from the Grammy awarded band The Roots to more street acts like Beanie Sigel and Young Gunz, he is at a crossroad between all these artists with an apply to both hip-hop fan and general music fan.
Music has always been a part of the 20 years old artist who recalls his room being the studio of his father (a producer for the legendary Philadelphia International Records) when he was born. Naturally, Asaad ended up making his own music at the age of 12. A music that he described as "stereotypical hood music" but it did not last long because the emergence of his style kicked in at 14.
As a true student of hip hop, Asaad has been inspired by artists who paved the way for him by the likes of Run DMC or The Wu Tang Clan, but most notably it is Common, the Chicago artist, who has been his biggest influence to date.
"Common was one of the first rappers that I heard who showed his vulnerability, his soft side as well as his hard side, his great side as well as his flaws." – Asaad (Wane Magazine interview excerpt)
2009 sees Asaad releases his first project entitled "Flowers", a soundtrack for reaching a dream that many perceived to be impossible and, which was inspired by life's trials and catalogues the growth that most inquiring minds experience because of them. It will be followed by "Wednesday", a seven songs EP which showcases Asaad's eclectic tastes when it comes to music.
Spending countless hours in studio sessions, Asaad will eventually linked with the notorious producer Bink! (Kanye West, Jay Z, Rick Ross). Impressed by the talent and the hunger of the young artist, he decided to mentor Asaad and produced tracks for him. While some of these tracks will be featured on his first LP, Asaad is currently hard at work on his EP called "6" due to a late December/early January release. The project which features 6 tracks is set to showcase Asaad's talent and ability to rhyme over any kind of beats while still staying true to himself. He is also determined to show that although he comes from the gritty streets of North Philadelphia and had a rough upbringing, he makes beautiful music that inspires people to do better as recently portrayed in his song "Dirty White Leathers".
With a style that can be qualified as avant-guardist, it is no wonder that Asaad is in here for the long run and for the love of the art. Philadelphia may have finally found its leader

Beyond Modern

Since their modest beginnings as two music aficionado college students in a small Baltimore apartment, Beyond Modern has always exhibited two qualities in their music: raw passion and creativity.

Mick Marx, 23, and Sur Jazz, 25, two halves of the musical collective Beyond Modern, were solo Hip-Hop artists when the duo first decided to fuse their talents in 2009. The lyricist and aspiring audio engineer released “The Definition: EPic,” their first full-length album featuring original production under the moniker Sim-PLEX in 2010. The nascent success of these two young artists was a sound that augured something bigger, something inventive. That “something” emerged as “Rebellion EP” (2011), the duo’s first EP as Beyond Modern, pulling from a range iconic influences old and new like Talib Kweli, The Neptunes, Miles Davis, DMX, Prince and Sade.

DJ Wonder

Rex Riot

Rex Riot is an electronic music producer and DJ known for heavy, yet inventive bass music infused with elements drawn from a far-range of music genres. Since his first EP, Luv Machine, which was released in November 2011, he has been quickly gaining popularity for his dark yet melodically addictive style that has led to work with Proper Villains, Masia One, and Infuze. Rex's new EP, BEYOND, expands upon his signature catchy synth driven sound familiar to dubstep fans while drawing in new listeners to the genre.

Through Rex's strong emphasis on songwriting and musicianship, BEYOND bridges the divide between dance music and artistic purism.


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Rock Creek Social Club (RCSC) is a collective that unites the best of DC's diverse fashion, music, art and design communities, by regularly hosting the freshest lifestyle events in the city. Our allegiance of unique and talented individuals taps the constantly evolving pulse of urban culture in all endeavors, and brings a mix of the District's past, present, and future to every party, space and place we create.

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