Anna & Sami + Sean


Powerful, Raw and Magnetic! Meet Atlanta's newest and most dynamic singer and
performer, ANNA.
Returning to the “Attic” after delivering a SOLD OUT Show January 17th, this 18 yr old rising star will leave you mesmerized and craving more! Currently working on her first EP under the exclusive management of LUJEN Brands (, ANNA is setting herself up for a mainstream rise that's sure to take the music industry by storm. If you missed her first Eddieʼs Attic performance, get your tickets NOW and do not miss this powerhouse show from Atlantaʼs most compelling new singer and performer.
ANNA~ The Impact is immediate, the experience lasts forever

Sami + Sean

"Siblings Sean + Sami Michelsen return to Eddieʼs Attic after a rocking January 17th SOLD OUT Show. The duo have been writing and performing music together for over a decade. When they created their band, Alchemy, in 2012, they set out to challenge many of the norms in the music industry, and began bending the rules of playing "genre specific" tunes. With an extremely diverse set list, The Michelsen's showcase their versatility and originality by adapting unique versions of songs from their favorite artists to pay the rent, all the while continuing to keep every song they've created true to itself. Their efforts and weekly performances fuel the fires of their dreams come true.
It was during one of these performances that the two were spotted by a Producer for Sony Television, and Alchemy was written into Season 1 of the show, "POWERS". Their singles, "Resistor" (as seen on POWERS), "Heartbeat" and "Moon Walker" are all aired regularly on radio stations, including 99X, Radio 105.7 and 97.1 The River. Sami and Sean are currently working on a new record which is due for release early next year.
As creative music makers in the 21st century, Sami + Sean present a powerful selection of songs that stir the soul, a stage presence that is often described as mesmerizing, haunting and magnetic, and a fresh new energy that ignites a fire within the heart. The Michelsen's continue to bend the rules, challenge the norm, and show the world that Alchemy is indeed the process of "refining the coarse and common into the rare and perfect..." and it sounds beautiful."

$10.00 - $14.00


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