Terry Malts with Idiot Genes, Business of Dreams, and Bad Deals

Terry Malts

Terry Malts started as a project in 2009. Singer/bassist Phil Benson, guitarist/singer Corey Cunningham, and drummer Nathan Sweatt had been toiling in San Francisco band Magic Bullets for the last five years. While Magic Bullets had been known more for jangly guitars and fluid bass-lines, Terry Malts would be a cathartic 180-degree turn towards feedback and noise.

In 2010 the group self-recorded a six-song cassette entitled Distracted that saw release on the San Francisco-based Loglady Records imprint (Woolen Men, Permanent Collection). That year, while recording a follow-up called On A Halfpipe, Mike from Slumberland Records asked to release some of the songs from the Distracted cassette as a 7" single.

The resulting 7", I'm Neurotic, came out in early 2011 and tracks from the shelved On A Halfpipe cassette landed on another Slumberland 7" single called Something About You later that year.

With the help of two borrowed microphones, the band compiled a set of songs from both cassettes and recorded (or in some cases re-recorded) them in their rehearsal space during the summer of 2011 for a full-length album.

With the freshly-mixed record by Monte Vallier (Weekend, Soft Moon) under their arms, the band set about on their first national tour in October 2011.

The debut album Killing Time would be released on Slumberland on February 21st 2012 and more touring and festivals were on the horizon. By year's end the group had compiled another set of songs and began recording a second full-length record.

The follow-up album, Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere, was finished with more borrowed microphones only a couple of weeks before the band became a two-city entity. In January of 2013, guitarist/singer Corey Cunningham moved to Los Angeles and Terry Malts carried on logging frequent traveler miles on many of California's bus lines.

Distance did not slow the group down and after more touring the band took four new songs to Monte Vallier's studio in 2014 to dip their toes into the world of proper recording- where microphones did not need to be borrowed and a professional engineer could harness the cacophony.

The resulting EP, Insides, came out on Slumberland Records in September 2014.

Idiot Genes

Pete Bayko: yells, guitar
Dicky Stock: bass gaytar
Kyle Cartland: noise stick, random screams
Dana P. Recker: Drums.

Business Of Dreams

Born and raised in rural Tennessee, Corey Cunningham (the individual behind Business Of Dreams) ended up in California almost by chance. Corey cashed-in a few, small savings bonds that his grandparents had given him for school and bought a Greyhound ticket to the Golden State, despite having never visited California before.

With no job or place to stay, Corey ended up living in cheap motels until he found a job on the San Francisco peninsula at a small grocery store. There he befriended Phil Benson and started a group called The Cosmos, an indie pop group that channeled Yo La Tengo and Big Star. Ryan Lynch (later of Dominant Legs and Girls renown) joined the band to round out the lineup.

After two self-releases, The Cosmos disbanded after 3 years and Corey, Phil, and Ryan started a new group called Magic Bullets with Nathan Sweatt. Drawing from UK pop groups such as Orange Juice and Echo & The Bunnymen, they toured extensively over 7 years. Their recorded output was two full-lengths and two EPs.

Eventually, Magic Bullets gave way to the Jesus & Mary Chain/Ramones-inspired Terry Malts who continued on with remaining members Corey, Phil, and Nathan. Currently the group has released three full lengths on Slumberland Records and toured the US, Canada, and Europe.

In 2015, Corey began working on a solo project called Business Of Dreams. The concept behind the group is to work within the confines of indie-pop songwriting while expanding the genre through the use of electronic instrumentation. The songs are an attempt to retrace the artist's steps and connect the dots of time. Sonic comparisons can be made to The Wake, Field Mice, and OMD.

The first Business Of Dreams album comes out in January 2017.

"Surely you've heard me rave about everything Corey Cunningham has done, from his projects like Magic Bullets, Terry Malts and his own solo work. But, he's just come out that he'll be working under the moniker of Business of Dreams, crafting delightfully dark pop music. Please don't label it as strictly synth pop, as there's definitely more. Just take the opener on his new EP, which takes a slight turn around the 1.20 minute mark with a twinkling guitar chord. If you're asking me, I'll trust anything Corey touches, and this new EP he's just put up is now available digitally, so it's time for you to fall head over heels with his new work." - Austin Town Hall

Bad Deals is a band from Boston that plays noisy, poppy rock and roll music.

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