Church of the 8th Day

The doom circus known as OLD BLOOD.

OLD BLOOD is a Heavy Rock group. The band signed to DHU Records in Europe after the critically acclaimed release of two demo tracks on bandcamp and a youtube video for their song "Glowplug". OLD BLOOD takes a push into unknown territory in the genre with the addition of crystal clear vocals, keyboards an emphasis on heady grooves and an extensive live stage show featuring The Rigomortettes beyond the wall of amplifiers. The ultra-dynamic vocals and lyrics of singer Feathers captivates listeners and balances the tide of the massive sonic wall of the band. Elements of early 70s rock and psychedelia woven into the down-tempo, swing-beat fabric of fuzz laden desert rock come together in what the band refers to as "Acid Doom".

DOOM, Stoner-Doom, Heavy Rock from Doomsville TX

Doomstress was spawned by Doomstress Alexis's desire to take a more personal musical direction. While still rooted in doom and metal, Doomstress seeks to invoke heavier grooves found more in vintage & stoner rock. The layering of twin guitar and vocal harmonies allows Doomstress to bring a darker ambience and mood to the music. Lyrically and visually Doomstress portrays free spiritedness of nature, strength of self as well as some occult and gothic themes.


Formed in May of 2011, rising from the ashes of the black machine, invoked after many moons, Disenchanter is a heavy rock band riding the currents of doom, casting riffs of rock, and melding the elixirs of metal to bring forth a fantasy of sci-fi wrapped in a stoner groove!

Blind John Pope

Sorrows from Long Beach California

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