You Scream I Scream & The Sweet Ones

You Scream I Scream

You Scream I Scream (Connecticut/Nantucket/NYC) is at its core a three-piece band with distorted bass guitar and vocals (Floyd Kellogg), Rhodes and synth (Jake Vohs) and floor tom-driven drums and big cymbals (Audrey Sterk). The music’s unique fingerprint is part Talking Heads in its beats and the lyrics’ sometimes dark playfulness, and Floyd’s vocal stylings—baritone singing and yelling contrasted with “bitchy girl” backing vocals—and stripped-down instrumentation can be reminiscent of Morphine or Soul Coughing. Bug in a Light, the band’s debut album, led to performance opportunities such as at Hip Video's CMJ Showcase at Maxwell's in Hoboken, WBRU's annual rock showcase at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence and shows at historic venues such as TT the Bear's in Boston and the Knitting Factory in NYC. Several catchy music videos shot by Brendan "Spookie" Daly in Hartford and on Nantucket, landed spots on MuchMusic’s "The Wedge,” MTV, New York Noise and You Scream I Scream's second LP, Zookeeper, released in October 2012, was recorded in Hartford and mixed in St. Louis by Floyd with fellow producer Carl Nappa. When not busy designing and painting murals everywhere and recording/producing fellow bands (such as NYC's Steel Phantoms and The Sweet Ones) at their studio in Connecticut, You Scream I Scream plays high-energy, loud, electro-grunge shows around New England and New York.

The Sweet Ones

The men of TSO are Matt, Mike, and Doug. Steeped in Bill Murray, Home -Schooled by Mike Watt, spent time abroad with Jonathan Richman, Built fires with Neil Young, Spray painted walls with the SEX PISTOLS, Got stoned with the Dead, joined a book club with Guided By Voices and you know the rest...

Becky Kessler

CT Grand Band Slam winner for best singer/songwriter 2012, Becky Kessler plays moody guitar underneath a low, resonant voice. Some of her influences include Nina Simone, Jeff Buckley, Tom Waits, Chris Whitley and Morphine. She moved to CT in February 2011 from the Outer Banks of NC where she performed solo and with numerous bands starting from the early age of 16. Kessler came here to live and work on an organic farm while building her career as a songwriter. She also teaches private guitar lessons for Woodbury music shop and Route 7 music. Currently, she is working on the final touches of her debut CD with Floyd Kellogg of You Scream I Scream and Casa de Warrenton Studios.

Mandrake Mechanism

Mandrake Mechanism, a genre-bending music project based in historic Collinsville, Conn., is known for their electrifying live performance style and off-the-wall stage show. Matt “Rook” Telford is the band’s main songwriter, handling lead vocals with Mike Macbeth on drums, Chris Anander on bass guitar and a guitarist from their tight-knit circle of collaborators. Practice sessions among the four musicians are a collaborative process based on mutual respect for each other’s musicianship, creativity and sense of fun. Coming together as Mandrake Mechanism from a variety of other successful projects, including the Stimulus Clan, they create one-of-a-kind “indie dance music” fusing hip hop, rock, electro-pop, jazz and drum & bass styles without ever slipping too far into any one music genre. Their live shows evoke “Hunter S. Thompson and the Beastie Boys fronting a Fugazi show.” The band's imminent LP, Monetary Artforms, was produced by Floyd Kellogg at Casa de Warrenton Recording Studio in Hartford. Mandrake Mechanism is affiliated with the Neighborhood Watch Collective, a group of artists, musicians and promoters in Canton, Conn.

The Scenics

The Scenics, a brand new trio based in Hartford, features Jeff Jahnke (OPM, Rubber Pants) on drums, Dave Shuman (Bipolar Jukebox, Rolla) on bass & Katie Scenic (blogger at CT Scenic) on guitar!

$7.00 - $10.00


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