Steal Your Face

Steal Your Face

"Steal Your Face" has a reputation as one of the most dangerous jam-bands on the planet. Born from the spirit of Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead, Steal Your Face is a high energy band. Known for mind-blowing jams, innovative lead guitar and emotional vocals they have spent the last 10 years building their own wild legacy. Steal Your Face shows are unique psychedelic adventures that blend thought provoking original music with not just the vast library of the Grateful Dead, but a repertoire that includes Dylan, Marley,Bowie, and many more. From Elvis to Grandmaster Flash, for these bad boys of The Grateful Dead scene, nothing is off limits.

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Mikey B & Miz "Phish vs Dead"

"Mikey B and Miz" combine their love for Phish and The Grateful Dead with their amazing musical chops to deliver a show like no other. The two formed a bond playing together in New York City's Jam Stampede and are only playing a few "Phish vs Dead" shows.

"Phish vs Dead" combines two virtuoso musicians for a unique set showcasing their love for their craft and two culture defining bands.

$17.00 - $20.00


Night of Grateful Dead and Phish, like you have never heard before!


 Watch video here: Steal Your Face

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