Louie Louie

Louie Louie

Celebrating Louie Louie's LP release with a few of our super talented friends *,*,*,* Friend of a Stranger is being released *ON FEB 10* via Born Losers Records! Come to the show, get the vinyl, see them play, see DARK WEB & BEAT JAMS, see weird and beautiful art created by Andrew Jeffery Wright, Jason Killinger, Mackenzie McAlpin and John Pyle!!!!

MuSiC ArT:
Louie Louie is an all female rock n' roll group whose live show will satisfy your desire for familiarity while taking it to bold and sometimes dark places. They love the classics and the weirds...If their music was served on a platter you would probably throw down your silverware and dance!
Their debut LP Friend of a Stranger was recorded and mixed entirely to tape and will be released via Born Losers Records on February 10, 2017.

Dark Web

A stompy sewer-punk outfit based in Philadelphia. Members include Sims Hardin (Throbbing Chakra), RJ Gilligan (Meddlesome Bells), Anthony Naccarato (Haggard), and Jeremy Colonna (Beth Israel).

Beat Jams

Ever get hoodwinked by a friend of a friend? Dazzled by their bottomless medical weed supply and stories of the commune naked times? Plied by bogus bonds and then burglared of your booty call you were wise to unfriend. But they make off with a chunk of your pride to throw in the cauldron at their next HR puffenstuff shakedown scene...Hear all about it in Beat Jams' latest golden contribution to The Hang. Look out for the 7 inch to be released summer 2016.



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