Ty Richards Album Release w/ Medicine Man

Medicine Man Revival

Medicine Man is the funky, futuristic soul collaboration of artistry, production and performance by Keite Young and Jason Robert Burt.

Ty Richards

Ty Richards is like pop music for the rock and roller kids who can’t stand the radio. From the peculiar city of Austin, Texas, alternative rock artist Ty Richards is causing a commotion in the States & Europe. Fans call him “Beck Zeppelin”. As an emerging artist in an ocean of droning garage rock and auto-tuned hipster pop, Ty Richards sticks out like a sore thumb with his danceable grooves and super-nostalgic psychedelic hooks. Richards’ raw & eccentric writing style somehow fits into a pop candy-coating in a way that sticks.

In late 2015 his debut single “Shoulda Coulda Woulda” even sparked attention across the pond. In a recent interview, Paul Heath of Radio X in Europe referred to Ty Richards as an “all-American musical genius”. Richards’ video for his second single “Kiss with the Lights Out” received critical acclaim landing him in the 2015 Austin Music Video Festival. Richards is breaking the bounds of indie rock. He even won the ears of the mega pop titan iHeartMedia (formerly Clear Channel) in the fall of 2015 when they invited him to perform the half-time and pre-game shows at two huge peak-season games for the Texas Longhorns and the Austin Aztex.

Like many of the greats, from Prince and Stevie Wonder all the way to Foo Fighters and Tame Impala, Ty Richards also writes, performs, produces and even mixes his own records. Richards sets the bar for rock artists by building his career as a truly “independent” artist intentionally. He proves that jumping on a label is just one of many options in the digital age. His music shows that raw rock and roll and hooky disco-esk beats can co-exist in the same space. Richards has spent the last year molding this highly-anticipated album that is paving the way for a lifetime of records that will stand as true art that will stick around. This is just the beginning of an artist that will be prolific.

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