Bailey Coats

Bailey Coats

Bailey Coats is a 19 year old singer songwriter from Birmingham, Alabama that has been singing for as long as she

can remember.

Artists write and sing songs that show who they are, and Bailey has done just that. In 2014, Bailey wrote and

released her first album entitled "American Girl". This is a song that defines who Bailey is. This song is all about

embracing diversity and being yourself. For Bailey, finding out who she was, was a struggle. She wants to let all

people know that it's okay to be different and to be your own person.

Bailey has written many songs and they all have a special meaning, but in different ways. Her songs represent

every emotion that she has felt and every struggle she has gone through. Her ideas come from life experiences

and personal emotions and she wants to make sure they each have a quality that everyone can relate to. A great

example would be her song "Don't Forget" - which was written to commemorate the lives lost at Sandy Hook and

to encourage others not to forget this tragedy.

In 2015, Bailey captured the attention of Steve Moretti, an amazing multi Grammy nominated producer / musician

from Georgia. This collaboration led to Bailey's second EP "Truth", which was released in November 2016. This

album brings a fresh new approach to pop music. Bailey describes it as fun, upbeat, and real. It captures more of

her style and allows her to express herself.

It does not matter the reason, Bailey loves being on stage, this is home for her. It gives her a rush that is

unforgettable. It makes her feel alive and she is truly herself. It is a feeling like no other and she knows this is

what she was meant to do. Bailey is who she is and wants to be a positive influence on young and old alike,

including being a positive role model for young girls everywhere.

Bailey has played festivals, concerts and music venues from California to Florida and her ultimate goal is to know

that she has positively impacted someone's life through her music and evoked the same emotions in them that she

feels when writing and performing. In addition to performing, Bailey has been interviewed on several internet

radio stations and has been featured in news and magazine articles. Bailey was recognized as one of the 'Top 8

Emerging Artists of 2015' as noted by Kings of A&R and at 17 years old, she won Honorable Mention in an

International Songwriting Competition out of 18,000 applicants worldwide. A talented musician and songwriter in

her own right, Bailey is also a proud member of the performing rights organization BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.).

Not only is Bailey a gifted artist, she is also a great scholar. She was accepted into the School of Engineering at the

University of Alabama on a full academic scholarship. She is also the recipient of awards such as the National AP

Honor Society and the Emily Lester Memorial Award and is a member of the National Honor Society and Mu Alpha

Theta Honor Society.

With her commanding vocals, her unique style, and her new approach to pop music, Bailey captures the hearts of

her audience. There is no doubt that Bailey is one amazing artist that will be turning heads throughout the music world. There comes a time in an artist's life that they shine, and Bailey is shining bright!

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