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Lenore LeNoire

Lenore LeNoire is a Baltimore-based pop-rock band that formed in early 2016. Jillian LeBrun (singer/songwriter) combines pop-like musical elements with smart, honest lyrics that brim with emotion and come to life with the creative talents of Paul Mercer (keyboardist), Tyler Wheeler (guitarist), Matt Hall (drummer), and Evan Kornblum (bassist). Influenced by Jillian's meditative and dream experiences, Lenore LeNoire takes their listeners on an introspective journey into the psyche, exploring themes of light and dark, love and hate, truth and lie - all the contradictions that make us human beings with complex, imaginative minds as big as the universe itself. With the name Lenore meaning "light," and LeNoire meaning "black," it is no surprise that the yin and yang of human emotion is coupled with a dreamy and pensive reflection in the band's music. Even the most energetic of the songs hold cryptic riddles and tales of what lurks inside the rabbit hole of the subconscious mind.

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