DJ Shub

"Shub is just a DJ that you can't really out scratch… there are really very few DJs out there who can out cut Shub."
– Vekked, 2015 DMC World Champion, on DJ Shub's 2012 DJ battle performance for King of the Dot

Social activism and a good dance party make for a heady combination, and one of the hottest examples is A Tribe Called Red. Dan "DJ Shub" General, along with Ian "Deejay NDN" Campeau and Bear Witness combined Aboriginal powwow vocals and drumming with high-energy electronica for a multi-millennia spanning sound that compelled listeners to join the frenetic party, shining a spotlight on systemic racism, promoted an uncompromising pride in Aboriginal heritage and talent. Since parting ways with ATCR, "powwow step" master DJ Shub has been busy creating a new body of work that incorporates his love of hip hop, indigenous culture and mad technical skills. CV

Hails from: Fort Erie, ON



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