Barbaric Yawp, Sad American Night, La Guerre, Tom Dimenna

Barbaric Yawp

Barbaric Yawp is a five piece funk/rock/soul band from Brooklyn. When these five professional musicians got together in Brooklyn, the result was the exciting, genre-transcending sound of Barbaric Yawp. The original compositions combine orchestrated sections reminiscent of big band swing and funk, the looseness and freedom of a jazz quintet, the funky sweet sound of soul, and bebop style unison lines all delivered with barbaric doses blues and rock. In the words of Relix magazine's June 2014 issue: "The quintet has developed excellent chemistry over the last two years, and the copious interplay and improvisation between the musicians always keeps the live shows interesting and electrifying."

Sad American Night

We're a four-piece with guitar, drums, bass and keys. We play relaxed, soulful indie pop inspired by hip hop, Tropicália, and 90s girl pop.

La Guerre

The truth about honesty is it can be uncomfortable. But when this uncomfortable feeling is embraced, when it is exposed and a spotlight is shown upon it, it can turn into something else entirely; something, perhaps,considered beautiful. That's what Katlyn Conroy has set as her mission throughout her years writing and playing music, dating back to when she was 11. Music, and all of art for that matter, is no stranger to sad tales of loss and regret, but Conroy manages to bring a childlike gaze to it, backing her honest words with light-hearted music of keyboards, percussion and other sounds. Can a kazoo accompany the notion of being pulled down with no chance of release? Can kitchen pans beat upon with drumsticks work as a backdrop for a song about feeling foolish? Conroy thinks so, and that's what she plans to continue to do under her new name, La Guerre. After years leading bands or in supporting roles, such as Cowboy Indian Bear, Another Holiday, Katlyn Conroy & The Wild &Wooly, One More Cheerful Action and The Ultraviolets, Conroy felt ready for anew identity. Named after a vocal piece she sang in high school, La Guerre — French for "the war"— embodies the themes she's always brought to her music, but with a fresh sense of longing and desire behind it. La Guerre, which draws upon varied influences, such as Miranda July, Conor Obsert and Jason Lytle, utilizes a rotating cast of musicians, but one thing is always front and center: as long as the truth is uncomfortable, Conroy will show it can also be beautiful.



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