Pain Of Salvation

Pain Of Salvation

Pain of Salvation is a Swedish progressive rock band headed by Daniel Gildenlöw; the band's lyricist, chief composer, guitarist, and lead vocalist. Their sound is characterised by powerful, accentuated guitar work, broad vocal range, abrupt switching between heavy and calm passages, intense syncopation, and polyrhythmic experimentation. Another trademark of the band is that each album is a concept album. Some of the topics addressed in the band's albums include sexuality, war and its effect on family and humanity, environmental issues (such as nuclear power), the forming of the individual, and the nature of God, humankind, and existence.

District 97

Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson, Genesis etc.): The playing sounds uniformly dynamite and quality oozes from every pore.

Roine Stolt (Flower Kings, Transatlantic): District 97 is one of the very few bands I can see a real true potential in and I'm sure they have many new fabulous albums coming in the near future.

Jim Derogatis (NPR's "Sound Opinions", Rolling Stone Magazine): District 97 is a wildly ambitious progressive-rock group whose youth belies its accomplishments onstage and on its new "Hybrid Child" CD.

Paul Bielatowicz (Carl Palmer Band, Neal Morse): We made our way back to the hotel and I put on District 97's CD while finishing my nachos – what a GREAT album!

District 97 is undoubtedly the most musically adventurous rock band in the world to feature an American Idol Top 10 Female Finalist. The release of 2012's critically-acclaimed Trouble With Machines ushered in an exciting era for the Chicago-based Progressive Rock band; In 2013, the band toured both Europe and the US with legendary bassist and vocalist John Wetton (King Crimson/UK/Asia), which was documented on 2014's live release, One More Red Night: Live in Chicago. 2013 also saw the band nominated for a Breakthrough Artist Award by Prog Magazine. Rather than rest on their laurels, District 97 took to the studio in 2014 to record the new material they'd been honing at home and on the road. The resulting album, In Vaults, continues and accelerates the upward trajectory of great songwriting and incredible musicianship that's been evident since the band's 2010 debut, Hybrid Child. One listen perfectly illustrates why John Wetton says, "I've said it before, and I maintain that D97 is the best young progressive band around right now. Gifted players, great material, and a brilliant, charismatic singer in Leslie Hunt."

DISTRICT 97 was formed in the fall of 2006 by drummer Jonathan Schang, keyboardist Rob Clearfield, bassist Patrick Mulcahy and guitarist Sam Krahn (replaced in 2008 by current guitarist Jim Tashjian). The foursome from Chicago honed a no-holds barred style of Liquid Tension Experiment-inspired Instrumental Rock before deciding the right vocalist was needed to complement their sound; enter 2007 American Idol Top 10 Female Finalist, Leslie Hunt. With a look, sound and stage presence comparable to a young Ann Wilson from Heart, Leslie's dynamic performances pushed the band into a new direction that forged a unique marriage between accessible, catchy vocal melodies and an adventurous instrumental prowess. She was followed shortly thereafter by one of Chicago's finest young guitarists, Jim Tashjian. With this new blend of charisma and stellar musicianship in place, their live shows over the past several years at festivals such as RoSfest and Prog Dreams II, and numerous appearances across the USA, UK and Europe cemented the band as a force to be reckoned with onstage, as well as in the recording studio.

In August 2015, Rob Clearfield and Patrick Mulcahy left the group and were eventually succeeded by Andrew Lawrence and TIm Seisser, respectively. The new lineup will debut in tours across Europe and the US in 2016.

Infidel Rising

Infidel Rising is a progressive/power metal band in the genre of Myrath- Fates Warning-Wintersun-and Rhapsody. The music is heavy,with classical symphonic and ethnic overtones... and lyrically is thought provoking and or positive.

The Drop Deadlys

Lead singer Curtis Patoni and Bassist Johnny Finn were members of a band called Vicious Vance in which Curtis played the bass and sang lead vocals while Johnny played the keyboard and sang background vocals.

Curtis and Johnny opted to go in a new direction and started a new band called Lips of Velvet, bringing in Curtis's brother Kary as the drummer. Kary's drum skills brought a whole new sound to the band opening up a lot of new ideas. Curtis loves being the front man and he gives the audience the performance any good lead singer should. With Curtis picking up the lead vocal role, the bass duties went to Johnny, as well as the background vocals.

Curtis, Johnny, and Kary were eager to have their good friend Colton Bishop join the band and eventually Colton joined them as the lead guitarist and provided additional back ground vocals. Colton is a extremely skilled guitar player who builds his own guitars in his spare time, and plays the same guitars on stage.

With Colton on board, the line up was complete and VAGRANT was formed. They are a close knit band with heart felt dedication to each other and the band. Even though Curtis and Kary are brothers by birth, the four of them are true brothers at heart.

As of February 2012 the band added Brandon Wall as their rhythm guitarist. Brandon is a long time friend that not only was a big fan of the band, but was a great supporter as well. Brandons guitar skills have brought a new fuller sound to the band, which in turn also allows Colton more time to play some lead riffs in the songs. Brandon has been a part of the DFW music scene for quite somitetime, and fits in with the bands attitude and personality perfectly.

After a 2 year hiatus to deal with personal issues, the band decided it was time to evolve into a heavier more modern sound. They decided to put their old school rock sound aside to pursue a heavier genre leaving behind the name Vagrant and the old songs. Reinventing themselves as The Drop Deadlys

The band is just as close knit now as they ever were. If you have not been able to make it out to see the show you are in for a full set of awesome original metal.

Come join the ever growing crowd of Dead Beats!

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$40 Band Meet & Greet includes (1) GA ticket and meet the band!

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