Big Dog Run

Big Dog Run

Big Dog Run is a six piece folk/Americana band that was born on a sailboat in New York City. The sound is a fun, high-energy cocktail of toe-tapping rhythm, carefully crafted lyrics, and luscious melodies. Supporting their vocal harmony and storytelling are fiddle, upright bass, mandolin and a truly unique percussionist with an amalgamation of hand drums, cymbals, shakers, brushes, and bells that can't be found anywhere else. This instrumentation makes Big Dog Run the perfect traveling band. You may catch them at a club in Manhattan, a rooftop party in Brooklyn, or surrounded by a crowd of smiling tourists in Central Park. They can play anywhere, and when you see them, it's clear they enjoy doing so. With a fan base already well established in Colorado and NYC, and a growing international presence, Big Dog Run is working hard, having a blast, and making moments better for anyone that stumbles upon them.
Get on the boat!!



General Admission || Please note, there is a one drink minimum for this show (standing and bar stools) and two drink minimum at tables. Limited seating is available on a first come first served basis.


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