Rage of Armageddon 4 Festival


The original voice of Dark Angel Don Doty doing the 1st two Dark Angel records and new material with current or former members of Whiplash, Hirax, Kreator, Devastation, and Subversion.

Speed metal legends from 1983 return to NYC for the first time in 7 years.


Deceased is a death/thrash metal band from Virginia that has attained a dedicated cult following throughout a lengthy recording and live career.

Blood Feast

A fter years of lying dormant, the blood flows once again for New Jerseys own Blood Feast. Brought to life in 1985, known to be the East Coast’s answer to Slayer, now with a mix of original & the new blood of members, Blood Feast is prepared to continue where it has left off, playing intense Thrash Metal the way they have from the beginning. Now setting their sights on spreading their Trail of Death across North America & Europe, Blood Feast hope to reach their legions of fans from the past & the present. Seeing Blood Feast live the set list includes all of the classic tracks from all three releases, Kill For Pleasure, Face Fate & Chopping Block Blues & a few New surprises. Played with intensity & precision, something Blood Feast has been known for. Introducing Chris Natalini on Vocals, John Blicharz on Guitar , Tom Lorenzo on Bass Guitar & rounded out by original members Kevin Kuzma on Drums & Adam Tranquility on Guitar.

The demand for the band to reemerge by Blood Thirsty Thrash Freaks has now been answered! Those in attendance of Blood Feast’s inaugural return with Obituary, winter of ’08, knew there was a future at hand, and now was the time. A sweltering venue of blood thirsty thrashers laid witness to the battery of drums and onslaught of vocals. They enamored in the chaotic dual lead guitar assault and proficiency of classic thrash as only Blood Feast could deliver, and Blood Feast had delivered on that evil night. Additional shows would follow with the likes of Possessed, At War, Mortician, and others. “Thrash metal was alive!” the chemically imbalanced hailed their masters.

Offering a feverish set of Blood Feast classics such as Menacing Thunder, Blood Lust, Hunted Stalked and Slain, and Face Fate, and– quite possibly –a few new offerings in blood, fans will not be denied their fate at the hands of the Jersey Thrashers. Blood Feast is back and ready to thrash! The machine of war is oiled, forging forward, manned only by blood thirsty corpses withvisions of blood.


TX thrashers from 1986 play NYC for the first time ever.

Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac Arrest is a Death Metal band who began its existence in the bowels of Chicago, Illinois USA in the late 1990s

Teloch Vovin

Atmospheric brutal occult black metal to darken your soul


With melodic influences from old school 80's metal in its roots crossing over to the powerful raw and primitive style black metal of the nineties. Using intricate guitar harmonies in place of keyboards and creating the balance of power between high-strung melodies and raw brutal attack riffing. Along with aggressive barbaric drum assaults, screaming vocal blasphemy, and lyrics straight from apocalyptic hell the sound of Bloodthrone cannot be compared too.

The Hudson Horror

New melodic death metal band formed from the ashes of Carcinogen.


Buffalo death grind featuring members of Immortal Terror and fanzine pioneer Brian Pattison.


Brutal Black Metal

$30.00 - $35.00


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